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Writing & Dreaming, But Not At The Same Time...

My icon is apropos to nothing, but I love his squishy face. /sigh/

So, last week I decided to write 500 words/a half hour everyday. I lasted three days. Not so good.

However - 500 words a day for seven days is...3,500 words. And I actually ended up writing 4,222 words in total.

So not a stellar week, but far more than I have written in one week in ages.

I'm going to call it a thumbs up.

So I had this dream...

I've been watching an episode of The West Wing every night before bed. I'll post about that later - because First TV Fandom-Love needs its own post.

But anyway, I dreamed that myself, CJ, Josh, Toby and The President were at a hospital. We were there for some reason I can't remember - (in reality, it is because I am plotting out sick!Chad-fic in my head, thus hospital - but idk the reason in the dream-world). Anyway, we are waiting on the elevator from the parking garage and the ground starts shaking and the walls start cracking and we realize the whole building is going to go down. So we are running along the stairs with a crowd of people and Josh is trying to guard The President - (Martin Sheen for those of you that don't know this show). We get outside and it is a mad rush of people and we realize that the whole ground is opening up and swallowing people - (think "Earthquake 10.5" and omg, now that I say that, wasn't Dule Hill in that movie? WTF. Okay...)

So, now we get reports that it is happening all across the country, the ground opening up. And we are running and CJ is holding my hand and yelling at me, "Don't let go of me." To which I reply, "I'm not a toddler in a department store." She doesn't even look at me to answer, "You'll get trampled to death there, short-stuff." Okay fine, I am five foot tall and CJ is well over 6 feet, whatever.

Then the big black helicopter lands, filled with Secret Service guys who are for some reason dressed in black ninja Swat team outfits. Toby and Josh are pushing their way through to the get The President on the chopper and The President turns around and yells, "We have more room, we have room for more people." (Honestly, stupid, the crowd would have rushed him.)

So I turn to the crowd and see a young woman with a couple small children clinging to her and I grab her and shove her towards the chopper, yelling at her to get on. Then I grab some man with a baby, and two guys from the first daycare I worked at who are carrying daycare kids, and start shoving them towards the helicopter.

Then Josh hollers, "That's enough! Go!" and shoves me towards the helicopter and I realize there isn't enough room for Josh & CJ & Toby, the senior staff isn't coming, so I try to pull away and I am all, "I'm not a kid, there is room to save two more kids."

And Josh just gives a look to the Secret Service man in his black ninja swat outfit behind me, and I feel the guy's arms come around me from behind and I realize too late that they are going to put me on that helicopter - (mind you, I would get trampled in that crowd and I would fall over if the ground were opening up under me, but whatever...I was so indignant.) I look at Toby and reach for him, because surely Toby will understand my outrage at being saved with, you know, old people still on the ground, except Toby gives me the sexy Do-as-I-say stare. I'm screaming at them, "No!" and the helicopter guy is hollering, "We have to go!" and the giant gaping hole in the ground is getting closer and bigger...

...And I wake up.

Most exciting dream ever.

In Sum: I also had a dream where I was at an Adam Sandler concert and I was so excited to be there and just hanging out with my guy cousin. Adam played a thoroughly rockin' song which he said was titled "Bad Omen", after which I realized that Adam Sandler isn't actually a RockGod and can't really play like he is AC/DC, and thus my logical brain sussed out that it was a dream.
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