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That Was A Waste Of Two Hours...

Let's be clear - I am a dance-dork. I used to go out with my friend and we were pretty decent at it, and yes, we had some routines. I don't care, I like to dance. Well, back when I could dance.

I also like to watch dance competitions and performances and dance movies.

I also enjoy drama movies with serious moral and emotional thought processes and insights.

But...Saturday Night Fever? That I did not enjoy.

Because - though I enjoy my dance movies with some heavier tones from time to time, ala Center Stage - I prefer my dance movies without suicide and gang rape.

It's just a thing I have, where I like to watch dancing without wondering how many of these people are going to die by the time the movie is over.

Not that I cared that much, since they were all horrible people.

The reason I, as a lover of dance movies, had never seen SNF before was both because I already knew every awful thing that happened in it, and because I do not really care that much for John Travolta. I just don't. The man can dance, I'll give him that. But I never thought he could act, or at least not as much as everyone seemed to rave about him. I can't think of a single role I ever saw him in that I liked his particular character.

What about Grease, you ask.

I love Grease. Like crazy. But "Danny" is the thing I liked the least about it. I never cared if Sandy and Danny got together because they bored me. I was all about Kenickie and Rizzo. And the cars. And the music. And the dancing. And Frenchie.

Wait, wait...I liked his role in Hairspray. But I liked everything about Hairspray, because it is The Awesome.

But, anyway, my sister found out I have never seen SNF and Netflixs it without telling me. So I figured, what the hell, and we watched it.

And as it turns out, it is hard to get invested in a character when he is a total dick. And boy, Tony was a total dick. And not in that way that I'm usually like, "He is such a douchebag, I love him." No, he's just a dick. I was hoping he would get hit by a train at the end. I think I was suppose to care if he got out of that neighborhood and found himself, but he irritated me and I just didn't care. And then he let his friends rape that girl, just because he was tired of her pathetically crushing on him and I kind of hoped he got Aids and died.

Instead he finds himself at the end and I'm like, "That's great, but poor girl who got raped is going to stay in that neighborhood and get nowhere in life...but I'm really happy for you, Tony, you asshat."

Also, two plus hours of disco made my brains bleed out of my head.

The only part I enjoyed was when Tony gave the first place award to the Latinos because he said they were better than him on the dance floor, and that they just didn't win it because they were Latinos. I agree. They were better and that is exactly the reason they didn't win. But that wasn't enough to redeem him, at all.

I was so bored, I couldn't even turn it into a CW RPS in my head.

Although, I did get in a good solid workout during the movie, so at least it wasn't a total waste.

In Sum: Later, I watched about three hours of the Entourage marathon and omg I love those boys so stupidly much!!! Johnny Drama is my boyfriend forever!!! He was in Vegas and his male massage therapist was going to have sex with him and Drama ran out of the room and I'm like, "Drama, sweetheart, you live in LA now. You are an actor. And you are in Vegas for the weekend. If ever there was a time to get naked with a man, it is now." I need to write that fic - Johnny Drama/Massage Therapist Ken! Also, Seth Green was in one of the eps. And also, omg, Eric/Ari 4evah, you guys, for serious.

But I wasn't watching it for fic research purposes at all. Nope. Certainly not for any sort of CW RPS/Entourage crossover. Nope.

In Sum #2: One time, for Valentine's Day, Johnny Drama bought me a teddy bear. I'm serious. Would you like a picture of the teddy bear, cuz I still have her. I named her Lady Drama.
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