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Fandom, BackYardigans, Dr. Horrible, Shrek 4 & My Nephew, not necessarily in that order

Firstly, Fandom news - look I'm branching out in the world of LJ. I joined the Star_Trek newsleter and the Star Trek RPS Comm. Just to mix it up with my SPN. And because, Space Cowboys! baylorsr, liptonrm, I blame the Starship Impala re-read, thank you.

I also joined the Glee newsletter and several fic communities. For one, because - Glee! For two, because - Puck! And for three, because I have fic to post soon.

I made a few new icons (Steve Carlson's boots and Dodger from Oliver & Co.) and ransacked the internet for a ton more (Lost, Ian, Glee, SPN, RPS). Sadly, I still don't have a decent Chad Michael Murray icon. I tried to make one but all my CMM pics are pixel-ated all wrong and I can't seem to make it work. Fear not, I will prevail.

Over the holiday weekend, hiyacynth and liptonrm came to visit. We watched Ocean's 11 and Ocean's 13. I say, who doesn't love Basher? Don Cheadle - yes. Accent - yes. Slightly British-punk clothing style - yes. Explosives - hell to the yes.

It also never ceases to amaze me that all those years ago, my then 14 year old cousin, convinced me to love Scott Caan with him. He had the biggest man-crush. I'm sure he's gotten over it. I haven't.

hiyacynth brought me birthday presents. Whiffle Ball for my Nintendo DS (I have finally mastered the pitching. Am still working on the batting.) The wonderfully horrible movie "Axe" starring Jason London, some chicks and some crazy serial killer. I look forward to its awfulness and his lickable, lickable-ness. And finally, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. I loved the music in this! God, I am such a sucker for musicals. And I am totally crushing on Neil Patrick Harris right now. Between this and Glee, I want to take that boy home. Immediately. And do dirty bad things to him. Plus, a duet.

And after the initial shock of the ending, I was like, "Hmm, that makes so much sense. It's all twisted and delicious." Nathan Fillion says in the behind-the-scenes, something to the effect of "What did you think was gonna happen? You should know better by now."

The Musical commentary was genius. Most notably, Nathan sings a song called "I am better than Neil", and then Neil and Nathan and Jed Whedon sing a song all about the video game they played together while filming the show (Nathan is such a gaming geek, how am I only discovering this about him now?). And at the end, they may slip a line in a song that basically says "If you've made it through this musical commentary, you are a f-ing nerd."

Thank you so so much, hiyacynth. Kisses and Smooshies.

Also, the nephew came over Sunday night and slept over. We watched Backyardigans before bed (he's 4). I had never seen that show before. It was adorable and something I could stand to sit through again, unlike most of the shows approved by his parents (we watched every episode of Scooby-Doo that we own, twice now, and I keep forgetting to record more Superwhy!, so Backyardigans was a nice treat.) They sing in it and during one song my nephew throws up his hands and declares "I'm gonna have this song in my head for like a week."

In the morning, he got out his Big Wheel that was too big for him last year. He has finally mastered it but now I'm wishing I bought him a regular bike. Why do you sit in like a half-laying down position on the Big Wheel? It can't possibly be comfortable. Then my cosuin brought her boys over and they ran through the crazy sprinkler we got this year. It's a long tube with little spouts on it that wiggle back and forth in a sweeping arch, several of them, and sprays, literally, everywhere. It was really not hot enough, but three kids between the ages of 4 and 6, didn't really notice.

Then we went and saw Shrek 4 and no matter how many times I see them, the Dronkey babies squish my insides. As does Puss-in-Boots' big giant eyes. Plus, Jane Lynch and Jon Hamm as Ogres! They can make Shrek movies until I die and I would be quite happy, thank you. (Hmm, maybe I want a dronkey baby icon?)

Hope everyone else's weekend was spectacular!
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