dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

I Give You Pie Icons...

I was going to put these up with my Thanksgiving fic. But since it looks like I won't have that up until Friday, I thought you might want these icons now, you know, before Thanksgiving.

Take them, have them, use them.

There will be some wee!chester icons to go with my fic, along with some very important artwork, which is why I can't get it posted until Friday.

I successfully drew some art like an eight year old Dean might, because my art skills are right up there with an eight year old.

However, I tried to draw one of those My-Hand-is-a-Turkey picture for a four year old Sammy...and there was a problem. Both that my hand is too big for a four year old - (but not by much) - and that my art skills actually surpass a four year old. I can't actually dumb it down enough to look like Sammy drew it. But fear not, I shall corner The Nephew on Thursday and have him do it for me.

So expect fic art done by the world-famous Nephew. And also fic.

And maybe tomorrow I'll post my Dean/Cas story, just because.

Enjoy icons and an early HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!

Tags: i share my toys, icons - mine, icons are shiny, thanksgiving gives me pie

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