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No, Kitty, That's My Pumpkin Pie! That's A Bad Kitty!

So, I'm in my room and I hear the oven beep signaling the pie is finished. Then I hear my sister yell, "Oh My God! Kirk!" in a shrill screaming screech.

Guess who was on the kitchen counter with his entire face in the pumpkin pie? IN MY PUMPKIN PIE!!!! It's the only damn reason I sit through Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Captain James Tiberius Kirk - the little shit cat with the big eyes, who is all, "Who me? But I'm cuuuute."

I'll show you cute, with my foot.

Then my sister pats at the pie with a spoon and tries to cover where he was eating it, so she doesn't have to make another one. I'm like, "Okay, I dislike my family most days, but come on, he licks his own ass. Don't feed them that."

I actually came out on top here. Because we are just cutting out the three pieces or so that he had his face in, and I get the whole rest of the pie! Lucky for me, my sister doesn't like pumpkin pie. I tried to convince her just to buy one at the store and forget it, but she is insistent on making a new one come morning.

He thinks just because he is cute, he can get away with anything. Captain James Tiberius Kirk is well named.

Now let me take a moment to say this to my LJ Flist - I am thankful for all of you. I am thankful that during this hard year, I had an LJ to throw myself into when things got hard - to laugh with and read porn on and make friends and talk about about my Real Life. I am thankful to have people to laugh and squee with and share my ideas with and feel like a part of a community. And to have people who are there even when sometimes I have things to vent about that aren't so pleasant. I absolutely would not have made it through the year without you.

I am thankful to The BFF, liptonrm, for making me this LJ. She was telling me for years to get an LJ, and somehow this year she knew that I needed this in my life. And I did. So she set me up a LiveJournal and I am thankful for that. And for her, for like a million other reasons.

And for all of you.

I hope your Thanksgivings are wonderful and if you don't celebrate it, I hope your weekend is wonderful. And the rest of your holiday seasons too!

Have some holiday art I made eons ago -

I am ridiculously behind on my flist, it is...ridiculous. Hopefully I can get caught up this weekend. After I stuff my face and maybe go see Chris Pine on a runaway train!

Love you all!!

- Dodger
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