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Fic Art - Thanksgiving At Bobby's

So, here is the "art" I made for my fic, Thanksgiving At Bobby's. I drew the pictures by Dean, and The Nephew drew the picture by Sam, and then I made some icons.

The story is basically Sam at age 4 and Dean at age 8, and they are at Bobby's for Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are the FBI badges that Dean draws for them. Keep in mind that Dean is 8 years old here. And I am 32. And yet, I worked ridiculously hard on this - lol.
Made by: The Artful Dodger aka dodger_sister @ livejournal

Here is the turkey drawing that Sam, age 4, does. My hand was too big and I was actually having a hard time making this look like a four year old drew it. So I did what any committed fan-fic author would do - I cornered an actual four year old and made him do it. Drawing is by The Nephew!

Thanksgiving At Bobby's - Sammy's Turkey - dodger_sister

Me: I wondered if you could draw me a thanksgiving turkey picture for my friends on the computer.
- He is always on Facebook, chatting to his uncles - so this is, I am sure, what he thinks I am talking about.
P: Sure! I can do that! But except for I don't know how to draw a turkey.
Me: I'll help you.
- So I traced his hand for him.
Me: Give him an eye right there. And some Birdman hair.
- That's a fauxhawk, people.
Me: And how about some legs, they go like this...
P: No, I'm gonna draw them different.
Me: Okay.

We leave it on the desk in my sister's room and he takes some other pieces of paper, draws some pictures and goes around showing them to everyone. After a while, he disappears and I realize he is in the bedroom again.

Me: Monkey, what are you doing in Aunt J's room?
P: Just a second. Hang on.
- He comes out then with the turkey picture in his hand and gives it to me. He has drawn something else along the side.
Me: What is this, buddy?
P: It's a dinosaur in lava. For your computer friends.

Then he runs off to see if he can get any money out of my Uncle Dave.

So, here - for my computer friends - The Nephew gives you a Thanksgiving Turkey and a Dinosaur in Lava.
Turkey & Dinosaur in Lava - the_nephew

Look at how wee and cute! They don't all have to do directly with the story - but once I got started, it was hard to stop.

I call this one "sharing is nice".

And because it's a Thanksgiving fic, if you missed them - my Thanksgiving pie icons - here.

Now off to post the story!!
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