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29 November 2010 @ 08:47 pm
Fic Art - Thanksgiving At Bobby's  
So, here is the "art" I made for my fic, Thanksgiving At Bobby's. I drew the pictures by Dean, and The Nephew drew the picture by Sam, and then I made some icons.

The story is basically Sam at age 4 and Dean at age 8, and they are at Bobby's for Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are the FBI badges that Dean draws for them. Keep in mind that Dean is 8 years old here. And I am 32. And yet, I worked ridiculously hard on this - lol.
Made by: The Artful Dodger aka dodger_sister @ livejournal

Here is the turkey drawing that Sam, age 4, does. My hand was too big and I was actually having a hard time making this look like a four year old drew it. So I did what any committed fan-fic author would do - I cornered an actual four year old and made him do it. Drawing is by The Nephew!

Thanksgiving At Bobby's - Sammy's Turkey - dodger_sister

Me: I wondered if you could draw me a thanksgiving turkey picture for my friends on the computer.
- He is always on Facebook, chatting to his uncles - so this is, I am sure, what he thinks I am talking about.
P: Sure! I can do that! But except for I don't know how to draw a turkey.
Me: I'll help you.
- So I traced his hand for him.
Me: Give him an eye right there. And some Birdman hair.
- That's a fauxhawk, people.
Me: And how about some legs, they go like this...
P: No, I'm gonna draw them different.
Me: Okay.

We leave it on the desk in my sister's room and he takes some other pieces of paper, draws some pictures and goes around showing them to everyone. After a while, he disappears and I realize he is in the bedroom again.

Me: Monkey, what are you doing in Aunt J's room?
P: Just a second. Hang on.
- He comes out then with the turkey picture in his hand and gives it to me. He has drawn something else along the side.
Me: What is this, buddy?
P: It's a dinosaur in lava. For your computer friends.

Then he runs off to see if he can get any money out of my Uncle Dave.

So, here - for my computer friends - The Nephew gives you a Thanksgiving Turkey and a Dinosaur in Lava.
Turkey & Dinosaur in Lava - the_nephew

Look at how wee and cute! They don't all have to do directly with the story - but once I got started, it was hard to stop.

I call this one "sharing is nice".

And because it's a Thanksgiving fic, if you missed them - my Thanksgiving pie icons - here.

Now off to post the story!!
ranua: squishranua on November 30th, 2010 02:23 am (UTC)
Words can not express how adorable all this is. From The Nephew giving us dinosaurs in lava to the utterly squishable wee!chester icons. Oh, your art ain't too bad either. lol
dodger_sister: sharingisnice-dodger_sisterdodger_sister on December 2nd, 2010 01:18 am (UTC)
Everything was about Lava that day. All the pictures The Nephew drew - there was a monster in a lake of lave...it was all lava based for some reason. And no one could understand him when he said the word "Lava", so people kept going, "What?" and finally my uncle was like, "Lava, you guys, it's Lava, it's all Lava!"

I know, the wee!chesters are so squishy cute! I couldn't stop making them - and I didn't even get to some teenage pics of Ridge (wee!dean) - he's so hardcore Dean-ish at like the age of 13/14, it's too cute.

I swear I can draw, or at least fake it. I swear. lol Well, I think it was very advanced for an eight year old. (Fine, yes, I'm 32, whatever!) :)

Thank you!