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I Saw Some Movies...

Go see "Chris Pine on a Runaway Train" - er, I mean, "Unstoppable". (We had been calling it that for weeks and when we got to the ticket counter to ask for our tickets, none of us could remember the name of my sister asked the ticket girl for three tickets to see Chris Pine on a Runaway Train. She laughed and then sold them to us.) Go see this movie. Seriously. It was like, action, based on a true story, really cute guys, fantastic cast, very well edited, beautifully and interestingly shot, heroic...and seriously, are there two guys in this world with better smiles than Chris Pine and Denzel Washington? I don't think so. It was EXCITING!!! It was "on the edge of your seat" exciting. At one point, there is a daring mission to stop the train and I was on the edge of my seat for real and I looked over and my sister had her hands over her face - that's how exciting it was. I also loved how gritty they made the Pennsylvania train life look with the way they shot it. Go see this movie!! Just excellent fun all around.

We also rented "Knocked Up". I like Judd Apatow's movies and I love Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd, but I hate Katherine whatshername, so I wasn't all that excited when we put it in. And then...FUNNIEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I don't think I have ever laughed so much during a movie, ever in my life, ever. I laughed through the whole damn thing. It did have some of that "rough" humor to it, but not without reason. Boys are gross. She let one knock her up. Ewwww. But also, so sweet and I am seriously thinking about writing fic for this movie. Or at least, Paul Rudd/Seth Rogen, because omg you guys, they are too cute together. We were in hysterical giggles for the rest of the night, it was like this movie knocked something loose in us. Out of habit, my sister put it back in the netflix thing and mailed it back when we were done...and then two days later we both wanted to watch it again. I think I will buy it for us with my Christmas money. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW!! BUY IT AND WATCH IT EVERY TIME YOU FEEL SAD AND I DARE YOU NOT TO LAUGH LIKE A LUNATIC!!!

That is all.
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