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Hi! Just taking a minute to pop in and tell you all that MY SISTER GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one she wanted. The one she has been talking about for weeks. The one that means no four hour a day commute and is not based on any sort of election - (like her current job). The latter means that she could conceivably have this exact same job until she dies.

Which sounds morbid, but working in politics, as I have discovered since we started living together, actually means every time a politician is campaigning for their job, all their employees' jobs are at risk too.

She got the official word today - the job is hers - YYYYYAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!!

Also, The BFF finishes up her last big assignment for law school this week - omg, it feels like she has been in law school FOREVER - so I am unbelievably happy and proud for her!!!!!!!!!!!! Like you have no idea.

The people I love best are having exceptionally good weeks.

/knocks on wood, cuz yes, I'm that superstitious./

In my life, house-guests have arrived. Family is here every second. My Aunt told my yesterday that I look like Hilary Clinton - wtf is that? I'm 32 years old, I would hope to god I don't look like Hilary. I like Hilary fine, but she's got several years on me, you know.

Anyway, I know I have been absent from LJ a bit. Just know that I am reading your posts - but replying and commenting is a no go right now. Which sucks, because it is very hard not to talk to you all. I miss my LJ friends! And I have things to say about important things like Chad Michael Murray!

I also have things to do, lots of crazy Christmas projects - so my LJ fun will be considerably less, until the holidays are done and over. I mean, I'll be around, but just, you know, less.

That said, I am sure I'll be back here on Friday night, to scream about NARNIA!!!!!!!! Wanted to go on Thursday to the midnight showing, but the sister wants to go and since she is celebrating this week, I figure we can wait until she gets home from work on Friday. So, I'll squee at you then.

PS: Am totally listening to Steve Carlson's Christmas cd right now!
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