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OMG, You Peoples! - Fic Translation!

First, a big thank you to the lovely people who had such nice things to say to me yesterday. Seriously. My Flist rocks the house like a giant earthquake!!

And I will respond to all your comments soon, but as it is nearing the time of night where I watch "Entourage" - (hells to the yes, boyz!) - it might not be tonight.

Now - here's the big news I wanted to share with you - some time right before the holidays, I got contacted by someone who wanted to TRANSLATE ONE OF MY RPS FICS INTO RUSSIAN!!!

RUSSIAN, peoples! That's the language Alex Krycek speaks. /wink wink/ Shut up, I am not a dork! It's sexy. I have always said if I didn't suck so hard at languages, Russian would be the language I would learn. (Mostly because I have an original character in something that I would love to write and to be able to have him drop some Russian from time to time would be awesome). But also, Krycek sexy it's a cool language.

So, if you or anyone you know reads Russian, you can now read, "5x Jensen Thought They Were Dorks and 1x He Knew For Sure" in Russian. See Here

Thanks so much to ampr for doing this. It is awesome! She was totally cool and I enjoyed our discussion on the literal and sexual meanings of the word "ride" and my thoughts on who does the riding in relation to this particular version of Jared/Misha. lol

Also, I updated the fic art for this baby, so now my name is on it.

On another note - Has anyone ever gotten a comment in their inbox that says, "You are not authorized to view this comment"? What's up with that? Why is it in my inbox if I am not authorized to view it?

That is all.
Tags: because i'm sick and twisted like that, cw rps is a sickness plague, entourage boys are awesome, fandom is made of awesome, j2's big epic gay love, krycek is the original bamf, lj stuffs, need your opinion/help - oh great flist, pimping is a good life choice, translation for me? omg!

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