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TV 2011

Firstly, who is watching "Southland?" I am so excited that this show is back. And it is as awesome as it ever was. Doesn't Ryan Ben look good in his uniform? And Bull John too. And Chickie. Yes, I like the uniforms. And Lydia rules. We sat down to watch the season premiere and my sister says, "They got Regina King back this year, right? I don't want to watch it if she's not in it anymore." And she was totally serious. I thought that I had a big old crush on the woman (cuz I do), but my sister's crush is way worse. She thinks Lydia is more kick-ass than Zoe. That's hardcore. Also, TOM EVERETT SCOTT, you peoples! The amount of excited I am that he is back cannot be quantified with words. I know NBC didn't want him, but I am so glad that he is TNT's boy (oh they love him over there). I hope they find some more to do with his character because I love him with big hearts. Oh, and omg the thing that happened to Sammy's character in the last episode, good lord.

"Justified" is back on Feb 9th! Whoo-hoo - Kill-tucky!

I have quit "Nikita". When the person you care about the least (read: not at all) is the title character, it just seems pointless. The Sister and I are currently watching "Dollhouse" for the first time and even though it has major storytelling issues, I am enjoying that more than I am "Nikita". I like Alex but idk. I mean, if I want Shane West in suits, that's what the internet is for. And if I quit watching "Chuck" even though Adam Baldwin (read: the man I have been in love with for more than twenty years of my life, years before he was Jayne Cobb even) then I can certainly quit watching "Nikita" even though Aaron Stanford is in it. I mean, I can still write Shane/Aaron fics if I really want to (and I may), so...

I also quit watching "Hellcats". The lead chick pisses me off so much, I want to beat her. She is so smart and a perfect cheerleader and can sing and play the guitar and all the boys love her. Don't forget her horrid alcoholic mother, you guys. Can you say Mary-Sue, or in her case, Marty-Sue. The one thing I really liked was that she had a male best friend. I like when they can do that and not have it be about sex. And even though Marty was obnoxious, I liked all the other characters. Except now, none of them have their own storylines - all of their storylines suddenly revolve around how awesome Marty is and how everyone is in love with her. Including the male best friend, because she has a vagina and he has a penis, so they must be in love. Plus, they never actually do cheerleading numbers. They do about as many cheerleading numbers as they did in the first season of "Glee" and, you know, "Glee" isn't even about cheerleaders.

"Off The Map" starts tomorrow. It looks horrendous. But Enrique Murciano is suppose to be in it, though now I think liptonrm might be right, that he was cut from the cast. (I saw him in cast promo pics! I did!) I mean, I'm betting it's a bad show, but any chance to get my #1 TV Boyfriend back on my TV...also, it's about doctors, so I figured there'd be scrub-wearing. And it's on a tropical island or something, so I figured there be shirtlessness. (Though I have to admit, as I much as I would marry that man hardcore, seeing him with his shirt off is like seeing James Marsters with his shirt off - I just want to feed them sweets until you can't see their ribs anymore. I'd marry James Marsters too, for the record, but not as hard as I'd marry Enrique.) I am Tivo-ing it anyway, please let him be in it.

"Chaos" doesn't premiere until April it looks like. I initially wanted to watch this show because of it's stellar casting - Eric Close and Freddy Rodriguez - but then I found out it's like about foul-mouthed, hard-ass, CIA agents who have to bring in rogue CIA agents or something and that's just awesome.

"True Blue", which was suppose to be Marc Blucas' new FBI show, isn't on the list, so I'm guessing it got pulled. It didn't sound too stellar, but I was willing to try it out for Marc Blucas.

SyFy's new "Being Human" premiered last night and I Tivo-ed it and am going to give it a shot and see how I like it.

That is all.
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