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So You Think You Can Dance is back, baby! and The 4400, how I loved thee

Look, I'm trying out this thing where I don't take up all the room in the world on your flist by using LJ-cuts!

Firstly, I had this dream...My family was having a party and my mom found out that I had this crush on a boy at school (I was like my age, which is 32, but for some reason, as always, was back in school). She invited him to the party and I was mortified because he didn't know I liked him and I knew it was going to be awful because my family is...well, yeah. Also, my sub-conscious somehow knew it was the new kid at school, geekboy Jared. At which point my brain was screaming, "You're an idiot. He's clearly gay and in love with whatever form Jensen is taking in this story!"

I decided to bail and go to the movies because I hate family parties anyway. And my oldest cousin and my older brother say they will take me and get our coats (and let's be honest, neither one of them are aware enough to actually do this in RL, but whatever) and then as we are leaving, I realize "Crush" is already in the kitchen with my mother and my little brother (apparently playing Bubble Trouble or whatever that game was called).
But when I go into the kitchen, Mom invited the wrong guy and it's Matthew Lillard.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Matty in an obscene way - but more than New-Kid-Geek-Jared? I don't think so. Anyway, that was weird and I spent the whole time thinking my brother would never be cool enough to sneak me out of the house when my mother was doing something embarrasing.

So You Think You Can Dance is back, baby! I'm pysched. I had this friend to discuss the ridiculousness of my dance obsession with, but he's gone away now - so if anyone wants to discuss at great lengths - please, oh, please.

In honor of SYTYCD's return - I give you some vid recs.

SYTYCD vid recced to me from liptonrm
That's right, I'm a dance-dork

And the flash mob dancing vids -
This one was done by T-Mobile, but despite the commercial-ism, it's too good not to rec
The Liverpool Street Station

Ohio State University doing the Glee version of Don't Stop Believin' - I like their coordinated outfits. Even though I'm from Michigan and Ohio can bite my ass

And this vid of a Supernatural convention where the entire audience stands up and does a dance routine to the Ghostbusters theme - The one of the crowd doing it first, starts at around 0:55 - scroll down to the second video entry - titled
Vidéo de la cérémonie de clôture

And then not really a dance vid because you can't call what Misha, Alona and Traci are doing dancing persay - The one where the crowd asks the actors if they want to do it with them
Traci is good, Alona would be better if Misha wasn't so distracting

Got anymore for me? Pimp.

Now - The 4400 - who remembers this show? Someone on flist has been watching it for the first time and we got to talking about it and seriously, I forgot how many of my sweet spots that show hit.

The extreme inappropriate kinda-daddy slash of Jordan/Shawn. The kinda-incestous relationship of Kyle/Shawn. The love, love, love I had for Diana/Marco. And maybe only I saw this but Jarvis/Tom, come on, right?

Not to mention the rest of the relationships - Tom and Shawn, Tom and Kyle, Diana and Tom, Diana and Maya, hell even Maya and Tom. Oh, Richard/Lily and Richard and Shawn, Lily and Shawn.

They weren't always quite sure what to do with the whole sci-fi/genre aspect of the show. But the things they did the best were the characters and their relationships. It didn't matter if the future stuff made sense all the time, because if they followed it through the eyes of the characters and how it affected the return-ees and their families, then it kept you invested the whole way. How the world at large, and in a smaller sense, the people directly affected by it, reacted to what was happening - especially liked first season with the way the return-ees and NTAC dealt with the discovery of their powers - and then later all the Jordan vs Shawn vs NTAC and the revolution (when Jordan starts distributing the power-making-drug and I was like "who's gonna take it, who already took it, who is going to get powers, who is going to die, omgomg").

I know I had Tivo back then. I can't believe I didn't burn these episodes to disc. All this talk has reminded me how much I wanted to vid from this show and how much I wanted to write from this show and I hate writing from shows when I don't have the source material right in front of me. Dammit. I don't have money to throw around buying DVDs, just because I want Shawn and Kyle and Diana and Maya and Marco and Richard and Tom and Jordan and Jarvis back in my life. Man.

That is all.
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