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Happy Valentine's Day, You Peoples!

Okay, so Valentine's Day was over like an hour and a half ago, but still - it's the thought that counts, right?

Hope your days were all awesome - and if not, well, look at this picture of Giles and tell me that doesn't make you feel better. Come on, who doesn't love The Giles? Also, Hello Kitty, which I made for The Little Girl Cousin, because she likes pink. :)

My sister bought me chocolate. I ate them already. She bought some for The BFF too, but then she ate them herself. Sssssh. She'll buy her more, I promise. :)

Then today we went to see my grandpa - (who is doing better!) - and we played cards with him. We've been playing Rummy with him and he keeps taking our money. Once we showed up with The BFF, and so we had enough people to play Euchre. Every time since then when we come, he asks where The BFF is because he wants to talk to her about how she is going to be a lawyer and he wants to play Euchre. So today we arranged for our dad to meet us at the rehab center so we would have enough people to play Euchre.

And me and my sister partnered up and we kicked their asses! That's what Grandpa gets for taking all our money (okay, it was like 20cents) and smack-talking us while he did it! (Now I know where I learned my smack-talk from). My dad says that Valentine's Day is for girls anyway, so they totally let us win. Whatever.

Hugs to all my Flist-Peeps - you all rock!
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