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Stanley! Nate! Kensi! (yes, ncis:la)

Just now getting around to reaction while watching last week's episode of NCIS:LA - (spoiler free)...

Deeks, that was pretty badass.
Oh no! Deeks!
Hi, Sam. Hi, G. Hiiiiiiii, Kensi.

OMGOMGOMG IT'S STANLEY BRADLEY STANLEY...whatever, I'm just gonna call him Stanley - from Jericho!!


/zone out for about 15 minutes thinking about Stanley and Jericho and Awesomesauce/

Oh, crap, I may have missed important plot points. Sam and G were probably flirting with each other. Oh yep, there they go. Oh, Kensi, my heart. Love you.


Clearly he is the bad guy, because you don't get an actor like Brad Beyer and then have him not be the bad guy.

Stuff happens. Deeks - Jello - flirtyflirt - stuff.

Oh look, yay! They left an opening where it may not be implausible that they will bring Stanley back to my TV - it could happen. Because I love him like an inappropriate monkey loves a very tall tree - a tall tree with floppy hair. /sigh/

The End

Thought I would share that with you.

Now...Things about tonight's episode, and that ongoing Sam storyline,

This week I was all OMG, HI NATE! NATE, OVER HERE! HI! And then proceeded to zone out and think about running my hands through his hair. I like it kind of all grown out and curly like, even though it covers his amazingly lickable ears. I love his ears. I love Nate. Though at one point, I thought they might be going to kill him off and I literally said out loud to my empty bedroom, "If they kill Nate, I quit this show. There is no reason for that. NO REASON!" Thankfully, they did not.

Also, Sam! And that whole thing - because omg, he wouldn't even be in this mess (okay, he probably would) if G had been there for him when he needed him. I have some issues with how G was out being all angsty over his past when Sam's "brother" was in danger. And now Moe is all dead and shit and Sam is just like "flirt-flirt, I don't care that I needed you and Hetty called you and shit and you didn't come." Whatever. G's ass would have been on the couch for weeks. Weeks. Sam's brother was in trouble and he was on a serious undercover op and where was his partner? Your angst is not all that matters, G!

Whew. I feel better.

I like Eric. I like his stupid shirts and his stupid shorts and his awesome smirk and when he babbles stuff at them and wears his earpiece.

I am not so hot on Nell. I mean, first I was all, "I won't like her. They got rid of Nate and got her instead." /pout/ But then I stopped being jealous and started to pay attention and honestly, it feels like there wasn't enough for Eric to do - what do they need Nell for? I don't hate her, I'm just kind of meh. However, I love her hair. Anyone got a screencap of her awesomely cute flippy hair? I would like to try out that hairstyle. I can totally branch outside of my Alison Lohman and/or Elijah Wood folders for hairstyles. I can.

Obviously, I miss Nate. I love everything about him - most notable, his hair and his ears and his big old puppy eyes. I also like that he knows how to play the whole team and get them to admit things. And he doesn't use that obnoxious 'shrink' voice that say "Cocky Head Guy" (Vincent whatever from Criminal Intent) uses that drives me nuts. Also, though I am pissed Nate left the show, this season has been nice because in his few guest appearances, he's had some action and been a little badass and worked up a sweat and was hot.

I shall do one paragraph here for Sam & G because I don't like when they are separated. Did you guys see them on their motorcycles in their uniforms with their guns and their boots? Did you?! Did you hear them talk about their 'banter'? Did you?! Remember when they lived together that one time? I love the way they are such comfortable partners that they know each other's body language. Also, their flirting is adorable and I love how it reassures each of them - when one is stressed out, the other does the banter thing and you can almost see their partner relax right in front of you.

Deeks - I am still out on him. He was rather adorable in last week's episode but sometimes I find him obnoxious. And I'm not sure how a cop goes to work for NCIS. I mean, as a liaison, sure - but as a full partner? Maybe I missed a plot point. He is awfully cute though and omg, when he and Kensi rode the dirtbikes and he was all awkward and then that stuff we found out about his past and yeah, sometimes I like him. ;)

KENSI! I think I may be in love. I like badass woman who can still be portrayed as feminine at times. I like that she is good at her job and that she still tries to have a life outside of it, dating and such. And also - did you guys see a few weeks ago when she ran up the van all badass and totally saved Deeks' ass and was AWESOME?! Did you?! Sometimes I get confused with my girl crushes - like with Rachel on Justified - I can't tell if I want to date her, sleep with her, partner up with her or just borrow her clothes. I think with Rachel it is being partners and borrowing her clothes. But with Kensi, it is all of the above. I would take her out on a nice date, then take her home and in the morning, I would borrow clothes from her awesome wardrobe and then wear her boots home. Yep. Love.

Hetty - She's Hetty. What can I say. I hope I am that awesome and badass when I am that old and short. Which I will be - when I am that old - be that short.

Any questions? Wanna talk about NCIS:LA?

Perhaps I shall at some point squee properly about STANLEY and JERICHO and OMG OMG OMG - cuz that is kind of my process when talking about THINGS I LOVE! Like STANLEY!
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