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Glee hand clapping, episode 1.21 Funk

Okay - if you are on my flist or whatever and get a notice like everyday that I have uploaded a new userpic - yeah, sorry and that's just going to keep happening. I swear I just went looking for one Puck icon and I found like a bazillion Glee and Supernatural icons and some other stuff and yeah. I can only have 15, so I seem to be just randomly rotating them and I don't see that stopping anytime in the near future, at least not while I'm all in my LJ infancy and everything is shiny and new. So, heads up on that.

Now, Glee episode discussion for 1.21 "Funk", because - omg, George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, baby! And Puck and Finn!

At the very beginning, watching the Vocal Ad number, I thought "New Directions is so much better because they love it more. They have the soul. Vocal is just doing the numbers". And then, episode totally went there, right where my brain was. Then they said funk and I thought "God, if they do George Clinton and the P-Funk Allstars, I might die. They have to. It's funk." And then, episode totally went there, right where my brain was.

I have been waiting during the last few episodes because I was sure they were going to get the dynamic duo of Puck and Finn back together again (I love that Puck can't seem to remember exactly why they aren't friends anymore, like the pregnant girl in his house isn't a reminder). ladydreamer is right, they were totally making eyes at each other. Also, I didn't know that Beck song could sound bad. I agree, castiella, Finn is way too Canadian, or whatever, to rap.

Is it me or did Will throw up a little in his mouth when he was flirting with Coach Sue? Near the end of the episode, when she brings the trophy into his house, I thought "They are going to have angry sex" and was squicked. But then was kind of disappointed when they didn't.

Brittany is my girl. No matter how depressed she is, she claps along to every song like a lunatic. The return of Sandy! And Howard! (AcaFellas, anyone?) And I love the slow building friendship they have going between Mercedes and Quinn (Mercedes is the kind of girl who sees someone needs support and just gives it). And I like that once upon a time, Quinn was one of those people that maybe looked unkindly on girls who weren't skinny and popular, and that they have used this Mercedes friendship to show how the pregnancy has changed her for the better. But them moving in together just ruins the thought process I started having over the weekend where I thought, "Is Puck completely oblivious or does he notice that Quinn has needs, and like give her back rubs and water to soak her feet in and ice cream and stuff?" I think he does.

If the episodes aired out of order, then I hold that we will get the Kurt and Finn resolution next week. They have some things to sort out, both of them. Does anybody else think that Quinn is going to go into labor during Regionals?

That is all.
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