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The Best TV Show You Are Not Watching.

I think I am wearing my underwear backwards. Just FYI.

Now onto important things. I should have posted this two months ago, but I am lazy and lame and did I mention lazy? Do any of you remember this summer when I talked about my favorite summer soap opera - As All World Turns? (that I unfortunately stopped doing recaps for because of that lazy-lameness I mentioned above). As All World Turns is totally real and has nothing to do with my sister's Sims. /shifty-eyed look/

Anyway, the producer of that show has made a new show and OMG, you guys need to be watching it, like whoa. You know that quote from Glee where Holly and Coach Sue were all, "Hoarders is good, but Animal Hoarders is better."

Well, Baby Hoarders is THE BEST THING EVER!

They hoard babies! BABIES, YOU PEOPLES!

Compulsive Baby Hoarding is a mental disorder marked by an obsessive need to create and keep babies, even if the family cannot sustain more children in a healthy environment.

More than 3 million Sims are compulsive baby hoarders.

This is one of their stories.

Does anyone you know need to be on this show? (besides those people from 19 Kids and Counting or say, The OctoMom).

But doesn't this Dodger person have the cutest kids ever, like squee? And also, doesn't she have the best clothes, like so cute? Also, I like her haircut. Okay fine, she dresses like a slut and wears whorish makeup and is a total skank - I can only dream to be so awesome myself.

A few things I wanted to point out (among many) - Gus sitting awkwardly on the bench while Shawn and Dodger flirt, poor neglected Audrey's slightly violent play with her toys, the wing like decor on the walls over the cribs at Castiel's house. Things that took place off camera - sure, the kids were all upstairs crying while she made out with Manny!Misha, but that doesn't make her a bad mom. It was MISHA! Also, yes, after she slept with Spike's friend Percy Wesley, Wes did sit down to dinner with her and all the kids and Spike did come home from his job as a criminal and find them all eating dinner together, but he was totally okay with it - it was Percy after all.

I would also like to say at this point - speaking on behalf of this Dodger!Sim person - that she is terribly sorry to have slept with liptonrm's boyfriend. She claims she had sex with him in the public restroom and then saw his car and realized he had to be Castiel's Lipton's boyfriend. She totally didn't have sex with him again in the Impala after that...totally.

Also, she wants her sister to know that she is an evil genius - but she is still a BABY-STEALER and such. And her one-armed Russian husband isn't all that - no matter how hot he is.

If you want to tell baylorsr that she is a baby-stealer, you may log your compliant here.

Unfortunately, too many people were afraid of having their children taken by Social Services - so they couldn't get anyone else to do the show and thus only produced one episode.

Boo that.
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