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Would You Just Be A Grown-Up And Come Watch Some TV In The Fort?

My subject line is apropos of nothing...except I was just watching "Friends" and Joey had these boxes stacked up in front of the TV and Chandler came in and Joey's head popped up all tralalala. Then Chandler was all whining about Ross and Joey said, "Hey, Ross is our friend and he needs our help! Now, would you just be a grown-up and come watch some TV in the fort?" - and I loled so hard because I heart Joey something fierce. FIERCE!

Then next they aired the episode with Ross' sandwich, "MY SANDWICH!" and it was also the "I'm Joey. I'm disgusting. I eat chicken skins and look at naked pictures of my friends." episode. Which is basically a series of events that makes Joey look horrible until they catch him eating chicken skins and looking at naked pictures of Monica. The former is totally Joey's fault, but the latter, it turns out, is all Monica's fault.

The point of that is that it is hilarious and my sister and I say it all the time. "I gotta shower. I'm Joey." Which is code for "I'm sweaty and gross and disgusting." Or if I burp, then it's all, "Excuse me. I'm Joey." and my sister will say, "Don't eat so many chicken skins. And stop looking at naked pictures of your friends."

Because we are just that lame awesome.

Other random things -

Shit blew the fuck up in "Battle: Los Angeles" and if you were wondering - it would be best seen on the big screen, SO GO SEE IT!!! It gets right into the action and it's all about one particular military unit and has explosions and guys (and a chick) with guns and is hotness and awesome and totally a popcorn movie of fun - but also, makes pretty logical sense for a movie about an alien invasion and all. RETREAT? HELL! RETREAT? HELL!

Went to see Grandpa today and he is doing much better. He kicked our asses at Rummy. We play to 250 and finally, finally, today I actually got to 250 - but Grandpa got to 310, so he still won. I think this whole 'old age confusion' thing is a total scam, so that he can continue to beat his grandkids at cards. ;)

Anyway, not this time, but the last time we went to see him, this happened:

His nurse, who is British, saw the Oxford tee I was wearing - (The BFF got it for me when she did her study abroad month for law school) - and she was all, "Oh my homeland! But no, we Manchester folk think those Oxford lot are a bit snooty. Manchester is better." I refrained from squeeing about Dominic Monaghan and Manchester United - (things I think of when I hear the word Manchester) - which would have quickly devolved into me rambling about Sean Bean and Dominic Monaghan playing football together - because they do, in my head. Where I like to live. IN MY HEAD!

Erm. Sometimes being a fangirl amongst the normies is hard.

In Sim News -

On my sister's Sims - Vampire!Dodger is dating Gabriel the Angel, (or Skip, as we call him)! This is so appropriate, I can't even tell you. VAMPIRE!DODGER + SKIP-THE-ANGEL 4EVAH!!

Regular!Dodger is dating Spike! Also, appropriate. Apparently he called Dodger and invited her to The Grind. I thought The Grind was a strip club - (it's called The Grind for crying out loud!) I guess Regular!Dodger thought so too, because she showed up in nothing but a towel. Then Spike proceeded to ignore her in favor of talking to his new BFF, Wash. Men are men, even when they are vampires, jeez.

Then yesterday, Dodger and Spike went to the movies and then they were totally doing it at the movies and they got caught by the security guard. They got thrown out, only Dodger was totally completely naked still. And she didn't seem to mind at all. Because Sim!Dodger is clearly everything I aspire to be. ;)

On the BFF's Sims - Dodger!Sim had the biggest crush on Misha and was all hearts and rainbows whenever he was around. Now The BFF reports that Dodger talked Misha into going to the pool and they are totally dating! Squee! Except then she got really handsy with him and Misha got scared and literally ran away from her. lol

Also, today I picked up my new glasses. So far they have only given me a headache, but I think I just have to get used to them. Oh, and I do not have the consumption or the death plague - I think I had a chest cold and a pulled muscle at the same inconvenient time - but THANK YOU for your concern and love! <3

That is all.
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