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25 March 2011 @ 01:30 am
Sounds Like A Love Story.  

Seriously. Okay. I was just discussing with ranua, the history of Raylan and Boyd. Slash goggles on or off - it doesn't matter. There is definite history there. So do you peoples also feel like there is almost a sense of betrayal from Boyd towards Raylan for him getting out of Harlan? Leaving Boyd behind? I loved that bit of info we got tonight about when Raylan left for college and Boyd went off to Kuwait. I also love that it is such a small close-knit community that everyone has history with everyone.

My sister was saying that coming from a community like that, you don't really trust outsiders - you take care of your own. It's why Raylan is so quick to trust Boyd to have his back. And ranua was saying that both of them coming from such messed up family lives, abusive childhoods and all - they see their relationship with one another as perfectly normal. Or more precisely, as love.

There is nothing about them that I don't love. I am so worried about Boyd's new job. I mean, if there is one person you don't want to go up against it is Mags Bennett. And you do not fuck with her kids, man. DO NOT.

Also, I LOVE EVERYONE on that show. Tim looked especially good in the episode. It's hard, I know, when stacked up against Raylan Givens, but they really are a smoking hot cast and I love them all. I even have a crush on Art.

Pretty much everyone except Winona. This bizarre thing with her stealing the money has me bored. Am I just mad someone is coming in between Raylan and Boyd? Maybe. Sometimes I like Raylan/Winona together, maybe I just didn't like this storyline.

And YAY to the crazy judge making a return! Oh, Stephen Root, I love you.

Anyways...the Raylan/Boyd in this was off the charts. I actually wrote in ranua's comments, a 100 words of conversation between Raylan and Boyd about how Raylan left and what Boyd thought of it.

Clearly after this episode, it needs to be a full-on-fic.

Time for writing - oh, where did you go?

In Sum - Yes, Tim, if you started a cult in Mexico - I would so follow you.
Why all the pearls?Why all the hair?Why anything?: Justified - Raylan brown sidewaysrhymephile on March 25th, 2011 05:55 am (UTC)
Heh, I loved that "sounds like a love story" too. And neither of them bothered to even set her straight about it. They sort of looked at each other like, "Huh. Is that what we have between us?" LOL.

That being said, however, I kind of wish Walter Goggins was more handsome. I don't know, with all that tension between them I'm shallow and want more pretty. Tim would be okay to be with Raylan if they actually gave him any character. Everyone else is scenery on that show except for Art.

ART. HOW I LOVE HIM. He has the snappy comebacks and the Southern charm and the wonky knees and I love him to pieces.

Yay, another show we can talk about together!
dodger_sister: justifieddodger_sister on March 27th, 2011 05:53 am (UTC)
They sort of looked at each other like, "Huh. Is that what we have between us?" LOL.

THEY DID! I re-watched that scene, and I swear Raylan's face was all, "Lady, you ain't the first person to tell us that." It killed me that neither of them bothered to dispute her. So good.

I'm good with Walter Goggins - cuz I love his voice. Like the third time today I have said, "No, he's sexy cuz he has a sexy voice." about some random actor/character. Maybe I have a voice kink? lol I love how rough his voice is - and I love Boyd's speaking patterns, so distinct and fully Boyd.

Rachel does have more character development even than Tim - of course, I crush her so hard too. You know, I thought we were headed towards some good bonding time between Raylan and Tim after Tim shot that guy (how hot was that?) but then they kind of let that go, so we didn't get the bonding. When Tim was at that bar and saw Raylan there with Winona, I thought maybe Raylan was going to be all, "Don't think Tim should be drinking alone right now," and go over. Sad they missed that opportunity.

I love how the Marhsalls all think they can get away with anything when Art is watching them. Art is on you people like a motherfucker. I do like a snarky snappy comeback kind of guy.

Yay, another show we can talk about together!

I KNOW! I also saw you talking about The Office, but I'm not up on the most recent season because I watch in reruns - (I was a little behind on jumping on that bandwagon) - but I will agree that despite being a bot of an idiot, I heart Michael. He is generally a good guy and a total romantic and would make a great husband for someone. IDK what is happening right now, but the internet seems to have exploded over it. I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm an Andy-girl. And kind of a Kevin-girl too.

PS: Do you happen to know how many episodes are left in this season of Justified? My sister asked me, but I do not know.

Edited at 2011-03-27 05:56 am (UTC)
Why all the pearls?Why all the hair?Why anything?: Simpsons - Mmm Land of Chocolaterhymephile on March 27th, 2011 06:24 am (UTC)
First off, there are five more episodes in this season. Justified, like many cable shows, runs on a 13-episode schedule. In the future, if you want to know about any TV show, use the site I use, epguides.com. Awesome, simple, no frills lists of episode titles and air dates.

I will give you Walter Goggins' voice. I like his speech patterns also; and I love when he gets all religious and stuff too. It sounds like he really believes a lot of what he says.

Yeah, I forgot about that scene with Tim in the bar. I know Raylan was worried about Tim seeing him and Winona together, and that's all I was thinking about too, not about the fact that Tim show someone. And now Rachel shot that dude last week. As much as I love Raylan, I would like to see some character development with everyone else on the team.

I never watched The Office from the beginning either. Here in the NY area the FOX affiliate airs The Simpsons at 7, and then The Office at 7:30, and I just kind of started watching it in syndication. There are a few episodes around the time Andy was engaged to Angela that I never saw, mostly because they didn't air some in order. But Netflix has them on instant watch, in case you want to catch up.

ANDY IS MY LOVE. He loves folk music, he plays the banjo, sings wonderfully, he has anger problems (LOL), and he dresses like a dork. I adore him. I love Kevin too! My favorite quote of his that I use all the time: "I'm the classic over-thinker." Heh.

As far as this season goes, you can catch up on Hulu, which I highly recommend, because this is Steve Carell's final season. In fact, when it comes back from hiatus in mid-April, he's leaving. Now is the time to catch up. AND THIS WEEK'S EPISODE WAS WONDERFUL. I won't spoil it, but it has everything to do with Michael being romantic. ♥
dodger_sister: justifieddodger_sister on March 28th, 2011 10:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, I forgot about epguides.com I used to use it back in my Without a Trace days, but I have been so spoiled by having the Tivo, which lists the TV Guide blurb about the upcoming episodes, that I haven't used that site in forever. 5 more eps? Wow. It seems like maybe they are coming to a head on the whole Mags Bennet thing, I figured it would be less than that. I don't know, until Being Human, the only other cable show I watch is Pysch and there is no rhyme or reason to their seasons at all.

and I love when he gets all religious and stuff too. It sounds like he really believes a lot of what he says.

It really does. And he knows his scripture right off the top of his head, which means he has really read his bible - he isn't just throwing stuff out there when it suits his purpose either. Also, he really looks at the person he is talking to - makes this intense eye connection with them while he drawls at them...it's hot.

I know, it feels like they were attempting to give us more stuff with the other characters but then they kind of fell flat. Like they gave us a Rachel episode and then we barely saw her in the next ep. And they gave us Tim shooting that guy and then they just kind of dropped it. I am hoping that was them getting a feel for makng it more ensemble. We shall see.

The Office - I love Andy's music! I love that Andy just breaks into song. I love that he is just such a nice guy and kind of silly and dorky too. Also, I love Kevin. I saw the one the other day from first season I think and they were all outside because of a fire and they were playing the "Who Would You Do" game. Jim said he would do Kevin, because he has that whole teddy bear thing going on and I was like, "Yes! And he is a nice guy and sweet and cuddly and plays in a band!" Also he was really good wih his fiance's kid in that one episode.

I, at one point, had convinced my sister that we should borrow my cousin's DVDs and really watch from the start. But before we could, his wife left him and she took all his Office DVDs. Boo that. I wonder if she took his Gilmore Girls too. Anyway, for some reason, we never netflixed it. But yes, we should, from the beginning.

I loved Michael with the HR chick, Holly.
ranua: riley's watchingranua on March 25th, 2011 10:46 am (UTC)
Alright, hold these thoughts! I will be catching up with Justified this weekend and then I will be ready to ramble and squee like the silly fannish person I am.
dodger_sister: thinkingdodger_sister on March 27th, 2011 03:54 am (UTC)
I will be catching up with Justified this weekend

Alright, am holding all my Raylan/Boyd inside for upcoming squee fest.