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Sounds Like A Love Story.


Seriously. Okay. I was just discussing with ranua, the history of Raylan and Boyd. Slash goggles on or off - it doesn't matter. There is definite history there. So do you peoples also feel like there is almost a sense of betrayal from Boyd towards Raylan for him getting out of Harlan? Leaving Boyd behind? I loved that bit of info we got tonight about when Raylan left for college and Boyd went off to Kuwait. I also love that it is such a small close-knit community that everyone has history with everyone.

My sister was saying that coming from a community like that, you don't really trust outsiders - you take care of your own. It's why Raylan is so quick to trust Boyd to have his back. And ranua was saying that both of them coming from such messed up family lives, abusive childhoods and all - they see their relationship with one another as perfectly normal. Or more precisely, as love.

There is nothing about them that I don't love. I am so worried about Boyd's new job. I mean, if there is one person you don't want to go up against it is Mags Bennett. And you do not fuck with her kids, man. DO NOT.

Also, I LOVE EVERYONE on that show. Tim looked especially good in the episode. It's hard, I know, when stacked up against Raylan Givens, but they really are a smoking hot cast and I love them all. I even have a crush on Art.

Pretty much everyone except Winona. This bizarre thing with her stealing the money has me bored. Am I just mad someone is coming in between Raylan and Boyd? Maybe. Sometimes I like Raylan/Winona together, maybe I just didn't like this storyline.

And YAY to the crazy judge making a return! Oh, Stephen Root, I love you.

Anyways...the Raylan/Boyd in this was off the charts. I actually wrote in ranua's comments, a 100 words of conversation between Raylan and Boyd about how Raylan left and what Boyd thought of it.

Clearly after this episode, it needs to be a full-on-fic.

Time for writing - oh, where did you go?

In Sum - Yes, Tim, if you started a cult in Mexico - I would so follow you.
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