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I Guess I'm Just Not That Cruel.

So, I was going to make a post that said - "Misha Collins and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are going to be in a movie together!" - And then put a LJ cut and say, "Click here for more info" - and then when you clicked it, it was going to say, "Seriously, it's April 1st. I can't believe you bitches fell for that."

But then I thought, "If someone did that to me, I would hire someone to hack their LJ account, find out where they live, and then there would be blood shed and bonfires."

I guess I just love you all too much. That's why I didn't do it. Not because as I was making that post, I realized all of my icons had been declared invalid and I was all, "WHAT?!" and ran around until I realized my credit card expired in the middle of March and I had forgotten to update with my new one. Oops. All fixed now.

I have been not so great about it the last year or so. Sporadic is a word that comes to mind. The last thing that stopped me up was my hips and shoulder bothering me. I have started back up again, but the hip guy can't see me until April 21st, so until then I am not doing anything that puts any strain on my hips - just side leg lifts and crunches. I am back to doing my full arm exercises, but with less weight than usual.

I am trying to do better. I worked out four days last week and if I do it again tomorrow, it will be four days this week. Two weeks back at it and that's not bad. It is about an hour long workout and I even managed to double my number of crunches in two weeks. Though it seems to miss the point, because the more I work out, the more I crave Mountain Dew - must be the sugar. I find it discouraging to do so many crunches and then cave and drink a soda. /shrug/ Most days I do pretty good on both fronts.

My shoulder stills hurts but it is better than it was. I woke up with my sister's cat laying across my arm, shoving it up in a weird position the other day. I had been there for at least an hour. I removed him and went to shake out my shoulder kink and suddenly something popped and slipped into place. Since then my arm has been like a throbbing ache, but no more sharp catching pain. Remarkably better. I keep trying to imitate the position Pippin had me in, but I can't. Whatever it was, he should charge for that shit. I hear chiropractors make a buttload of money.

I have been bad about keeping up on my to-do-list this week. I keep getting distracted by fics that I don't have time to be reading. I'm currently reading an Angel (the tv show) post-apocalypse AU from Wesley's POV. It is captivating. I did just write 1,000 words of fic though, so yay that!

I had a horrible dream last night where I was a freshman in high school and I was at some horrible school dance and Casey Affleck, the cool senior with a motorcycle, was there. He called me over and all my friends were in a twitter about it. There was flirting and a lot of me admiring his motorcycle and then A CAR FELL OUT OF THE SKY AND CRUSHED HIM TO DEATH! It was not a good dream. Well, it was - he wanted to give me a ride on his bike - but then he got crushed like a cartoon, so...yeah. And all I could think was, "I wonder if Bones and Booth will investigate this. It seems like their kind of case."

They say dreams shed light on our subconscious and help us work through our stresses. All mine ever say about me is that I watch too much TV and spend way to much time being a FanGirl.

I'M GOING TO SEE SOURCE CODE TOMORROW!! Because Jake is cute. It looks entertaining. And my sister said we were. And I am just that easy.

Also, I may have something for you this weekend, but I have told myself I must finish filing away my 9 months worth of mail before I can make crazy posts.

Enjoy your weekend!
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