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05 April 2011 @ 01:43 am
Monkey Virus Is My Favorite Apocalypse.  
My weekend - I can't even remember what I did on Friday night. It feels like ages ago.

Saturday, we went to see "Source Code".

A train blows up. Jake Gyllenhaal goes into a computer program that will send him inside someone else's body for only the last eight minutes of the man's life and he has to find out who the bomber is, so they can prevent any further attacks. Go, Jake, go!

I enjoyed it. Jake looked unfuckingbelievable, let me tell you. I sometimes get annoyed at repetitive things, like "Groundhog's Day" and such, yet I still liked this. Though oddly, I remember loving that movie, "Run Lola Run" so I don't even know. I mean, I watched that like twice in a row and my friend and I made a whole flow chart and timeline and shit. Of course, we were stoned out of our heads, but whatever.

My point is, even though they continued to replay the last eight minutes before the train blew up - (Jake had to keep going back in to suss out the doer) - I was not annoyed at all. And in fact, the last last eight minutes I found the most nerve-wracking. Also, I think I have a cute little crush on Michelle Monaghan. She is not my usual type in a chick, but I really liked her and she is so cute.

I recommend you all see "Source Code". Now, I think "Battle: Los Angeles" should be seen on a big screen because it is an apocalypse movie. And I think "Sucker Punch" should be seen on the big screen because it is so visually amazing. "Source Code" maybe doesn't have to be seen on the big screen. You could wait and rent it. But it would probably be better seen on the big screen, just because it is quite exciting.

I realize I have seen a lot of movies at the theater lately. The Sister got her vacation pay from the old job and has been very generous about it. Yay, Sister!

On Sunday, I filed away almost a year's worth of mail. I'm not kidding, I had things from May 2010 in that stack. I worked on it for 7 hours. Sadly, no fic reading for me this weekend.

But "The Stand" was on SyFy, so I watched that because it takes no concentration as I was filing things.

It is still seriously my favorite book of all time, so you can imagine I had some issues with the miniseries. The character's whose storyline they changed the most was Larry and he was always my favorite character, so...yeah. Stu, though, was excellent casting as Gary Sinise and although I originally scoffed when I heard of Rob Lowe's casting, I was very pleased with him as Nick (my second fav character). Of course, now I really, really want to reread the book. It's been almost five years, I think. That's the longest I've ever gone without a reread. I have other things to read first.

I turned it on when Stu was running out of the military place and he was all barefoot and I was yelling at the TV, "Steal a dead person's shoes! Don't go outside without a coat! 28 Days Later guy did it better and he was just in a coma!" Seriously, Stu, running outside without any provisions and then walking down the street in your barefeet, wtf. Get smarter, Stu! Get smarter.

I also thought HBO or Showtime should buy the rights and remake this into a miniseries, with one hour episodes of like 12 episodes. A decent sized miniseries like that so they don't have to cut so much stuff.

So, I started recasting.

Stu - Eric Close, though five years ago he looked much more age appropriate for the part.
Frannie - Sprague Grayden - I asked my sister without telling her my thoughts of Sprague and she said, "How about Sprague Grayden?". Great minds and all that.
Harold - Erik Knudsen - apparently my head was in a "Jericho" place. Though Anton Yelchin could also be good. Though really Harold was suppose to be 16, can either of those two guys pull off 16 still?
Larry - Josh Holloway - really Josh is too old. As is Christian Kane, though I would love to hear him sing "The Eve of Destruction". I had another idea and now I am completely blanking on it.

That's as far as I got. Any suggestions?
Trigger Warning: Lifematchboximpala on April 6th, 2011 02:25 am (UTC)
Well, an LJ error just deleted this really long comment I left here and I am too irritated to rewrite it.

Just go here to see Breaking In panel. Haven't watched it yet myself so quality may not be great:
dodger_sister: michael rosenbaumdodger_sister on April 7th, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)
I hate when LJ deletes your comment after you typed for like ever. When you do a post, at least it saves at random intervals, but sometimes my replies to comments are longer than my posts. <--I'm a talky kind of girl, had you noticed? Seriously, LJ has been sucking monkey butt lately.

I'm guessing your long-winded reply was about The Stand? I think we've talked about it before. I just really want a miniseries that does my favorite book some justice. I mean, Stephen King is a total whore - he'd let them do it for sure.

OMG, thank you for the link! After LJ crapped out on me last night, I was all - "But I wanted to watch Camelot and Breaking In panel and the links are in my comment sections on LJ!" Then like ten minutes later, after several times trying to make LJ work, I was reminded of the fact that I know how to work the internet. So I went and found the panel on youtube, like a pro!

I loved that so many people mentioned "Reaper" to Bret and that the chick was all, "I think Rosenbaum is more like his character than he likes to think." Michael, she just tactifully called you a douchebag, dude. lol I also look forward to the mentioned growing friendship between 'Cameron' and 'Cash' -which I saw a bit of in the pilot even. That was fun, thank you. :)
ranua: gumby'll eat youranua on April 6th, 2011 10:54 am (UTC)
Oh! I love the Stand! The first time I read it was during cold and flu season though and I spent lots of time freaked out and making sure everything was totally germ-free. :D

I've never seen the t.v. adaptation though. I'm allergic to such things. *g* None of t.v. or movie versions ever live up to the movie that plays in my head when I'm reading the story.

The Boy is interested in Source Code. The previews look kinda meh to me. The one we're both looking forward to is the one with the guys in the hats who are in charge of making sure the timeline stays the same or something like that. (I can't even remember enough of it to find the right movie dangit) All I can remember from the preview is these guys go through a door and it's this room full of computers or something and then when the guys chasing them open the same door it's a supply closet. Oh yeah, I'm coherent this morning. *g*

Of course, we were stoned out of our heads, but whatever. *snerk*
dodger_sister: apocalypsedodger_sister on April 7th, 2011 04:00 am (UTC)
Oh! I love the Stand! The first time I read it was during cold and flu season though and I spent lots of time freaked out

Of course you love it - it is the awesomest thing ever and you are smart! See, even at age 11, I was all ready for the apocalypse. It didn't make me fear germs, it made me rub my hands together in delight everytime someone sneezed. I mean, in general, zombies would be cooler, but I think a good plague is the way to go. Not that I would survive either way. 8)

See, I was 14 or so when The Stand came out on TV. Miniseries were not the normal thing back then, as much as they are today. So I didn't really know that it would be bad - I hadn't ever seen a TV adaptation before - except the BBC/PBS adaptation of the Narnia books, which yeah okay sucked. Anyway, how I learned not to trust television remakes was by watching The Stand. Of course, now we have HBO and Showtime and stuff, so miniseries is not the kiss of death anymore. Still, it was nice to put on as background noise while I worked - I was reminded of all my favorite bits from the book, even if they weren't all on my screen. You know what it was like? It was like sitting around with a friend going, "Remember that time..." - mostly because I kept saying to The Sister (shouting down the hall at her) "Hey, remember in the book when..." lol

The Boy would really like The Source Code, I think. I was meh about it too beforehand, I only went because The Sister wanted to and she was paying. But I really liked it and was glad I went. It was just enough action mixed with an emotional aspect and some 'use your brain' plot to keep me interested.

The one we're both looking forward to is the one with the guys in the hats who are in charge of making sure the timeline stays the same

Is the movie you were talking about starring Matt Damon? That one? Um, The Adjustment Bureau?
ranuaranua on April 7th, 2011 10:53 am (UTC)
The Adjustment Bureau - yeah, that's the one. (I'm sure I'll forget the title in a day or so again *g*)