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This Is Rachel Nieland.

First, for the those of you who read my crazy-talk posts about my pretend reality of SuperPretendNatural - I just realized that you can read all the episode summaries on the LJ comm, spretendn, as well as on the SuperPretendWiki. The LJ might be easier for viewing.

So, yes, hi...I am doing it again, babbling on about SuperPretendNatural, because it is totally real. But honestly, I have a purpose with all of this blathering, so just humor me. Also, you need to know about SuperPretend!Rachel right now for this reason...

Apparently Show is going to have a reoccurring character named Rachel coming very, very soon. I feel kind of bad, because my undying love for pretend-Rachel may hinder me from accepting this new character on Show, even though she sounds like she will be awesome. I hope this will not be true and that I will enjoy the new character and be happy that even though all the information from liptonrm's head did not get through to the producers, that they at least got the message that "Rachel" = "Badass". Anyway, I just wanted to show you all who pretend-Rachel is, so you won't be confused by my fanfic about her.

This is Rachel.

Rachel is played by Valarie Rae Miller and I will say it to you now...I have the hugest crush. Which is ridiculous because I know nothing about the actress herself, except that she is from Texas. (That's right, I said Texas!) But I have had a hard-on for every character she has ever played - (including Rachel...because SuperPretendNatural is totally real!) Some of you are asking yourself, "Why does she look so familiar?" Well she did, in fact, play on another TV series with one Jensen Ackles - Dark Alec Angel as Original Cindy - her hair was much curlier then. She also played Josie - the kickass lawyer - on Reaper.

So I was going to do a whole introduction post for her, much like I did for The Mulvaneys. I typed up something, decided it didn't do Rachel justice and then deleted it. I typed up something else, didn't think it conveyed her levels of awesomeness (or Bobby's), and so deleted it.

Then I thought, "What is the way I am usually best able to say the things I want to say?" The answer was, of course, through fic.

So rather than give you a post about how Rachel came to live with Bobby and what it is about them that really works as a family unit...I wrote it in a fic. The fic is about how eleven year old Rachel finds her way into Bobby's life. But here, have a couple of quotes that convey how much of a badass hunter chick Rachel is all grown-up on the Show:

(episode 2.12 - Once Upon A Time) - Rachel (to her aunt): I have a family. It's just not here anymore.

(episode 3.06 - Best Friends Forever) -
Dean: So, did you guys share Hello Kitty Trapper Keepers? Trade My Little Ponies? Have pajama parties and pillow fights?
Rachel: We were five, Dean.
Dean: I know that. You have a dirty mind.

(episode 4.13 - After School Special) -
Sam: Doesn't high school kind of suck for everyone? (turning to Rachel) What was school like for you?
Rachel: What do you think it was like? I lived with crazy-salvage man and I was the only black girl in, oh, all of South Dakota.

Valarie Rae Miller on the character of Rachel: "Bob Singer chatted with me a little about Rachel before my first episode. He said she can run circles around both those boys, and she's got Bobby tied up around her little finger. And I said, damn straight. (at Salute to Supernatural: LA 2008)

I'm just going to stop there, because this could go on for awhile...because I love her.

So now I am off to post this fic. It seems fitting to me that the first SPretendN fic I am posting is about Rachel - since the first one I actually wrote last year was also about Rachel.

I implore you to read this story - I implore, because I don't beg. Also, it has angst and Tiny!Singer (that's what I call little Rachel, even though technically her last name is Nieland) and Awesome!Bobby and my favorite theme, "the family we make".

tralalala, I have not been brainwashed.
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