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18 April 2011 @ 12:43 am
The Call Is Coming From Inside The House.  
"Scream" (the original) was on the other night. I was going to watch it while I tried on my summer clothes - (a sad number of my shorts/skirts did not fit anymore, I had to go shopping today) - but the TV station was having serious audio issues, so I didn't watch it. I did sit and stare for a moment at Skeet though. Oh wee!Skeet and his floppy hair. (Brad Beyer is still better than you, Skeet - and by Brad, I mean Stanley is still better than Jake because no one will take his farm or his sister and you eat his food then you better feed his chickens, which is really secret code for "Mimi, I love you," - honestly, if anyone understood anything I just said, wow and also let's talk about "Jericho", okay? Great. For the record, I really do like Skeet and his character from "Jericho", but mostly I just find myself to be highly amusing). Also, "Scream" was where I first fell madly in love with Matty Lillard. His Face! And also, I never really am much about who is dating whom and all that (except for the makebelieve pairings in my head) - but I do remember being all warm and squishy inside when I found out that Deputy Dewey and Gale Weathers were really dating for realz in real life. Lastly, I remember my older brother telling me that blondes always die first when there is a serial killer and then smirking evilly at me - we were really quite horrible children. (Yes, I am blonde, btw). Also, I just realized that Erik Knudsen from "Jericho" is in the new "Scream 4" - which I would not mind seeing. But that just proves that everything is being sucked into The Vortex. Kiss your puppies and kitties goodbye.

The other reason that the call is coming from inside the house is that The BFF has moved into our basement! I suspect we will still be calling each other on the phone anyways, much like my sister and I use to IM each other from down the hall when we first moved in together. Because it was so much easier than shouting, "What? I can't hear you!" and then having to, like, get up out of our chairs and shit. And don't worry, I say "the basement" but for those of you who had basements like the one we had as kids; nasty smelly dungeon like places that you were exiled too during the long months of winter <--what? I don't exaggerate my childhood, shut it! - anyways, don't worry, our basement is actually a finished apartment. The bedroom is the biggest bedroom in the whole house and the previous owners actually had a pool table in there, so...yeah. It has a sink, a microwave, a keganator <--for a beer keg, a couch and a nice tv. Also the room I call "Chuck's Closet" cuz it's where we keep all the extra toilet paper.

She graduated law school but the Bar exam results aren't in for another month or so and her lease was up. Apparently she can practice before she gets the results, but I imagine it is hard to find work - because why would someone hire you and then find out you had failed the Bar and then have to fire you and re-train someone new? I fully believe things will pick up once the Bar results are in, but I knock on wood so I don't jinx it. /knocks on virtual wood and maybe spins around three times and spits, just to be sure/

So instead of spending an hour everyday talking on the phone about important things like Dean/Cas, we can just do it in the living room.

I now have a week's worth of comments to catch up on, but bugger it all - I think I am going to eat salad and watch the next episode of Camelot instead.
and better times are coming still.13chapters on April 18th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
True story about Scream: the high school scenes were originally supposed to be filmed in the school where I took my SATs (not in my town, but a nearby one). Then the school administrators saw the script and they changed their minds, but they'd already signed a contract. The filmmakers sued the school district. I honestly can't remember the final upshot, but it was in the local news daily for MONTHS. And the school in the film is NOT the one where I took my SATs. But a lot the film does appear to be filmed locally.

ETA: I just googled the incident, and it turns out that as a result of that incident, the entire town as been blacklisted as a movie shooting locale. Oops! (Quite a few movies have been filmed around here.)

Edited at 2011-04-18 03:04 pm (UTC)
dodger_sister: omgdodger_sister on April 19th, 2011 04:12 am (UTC)
Excellent Scream tidbit! Seriously, they read the script and changed their mind? What did they think a movie titled "Scream" was going to be about? I can't believe the town got blacklisted!! I'm kind of lol-ing about that.

Michigan has really picked up the film industry but now they want to take away those tax incentives they put in place a few years back, which means jobs and money lost. I don't understand why, except that the governor is an idiot. It also means less people for me to stalk - well, except I never have because I'm lazy. Edward Norton filmed less than a mile from my house and I couldn't be bothered to stalk...I'm very bad at it.
ranua: drool worthyranua on April 20th, 2011 10:46 am (UTC)
I had to go shopping today you make it sound like you don't like to go shopping :)

I have had whole conversations via text while in the same house as the person I was texting. Makes it super easy to talk about someone you don't like right in front of them. *g* Yes, I know, I'm a bad person.
dodger_sister: phone calldodger_sister on April 21st, 2011 05:08 am (UTC)
you make it sound like you don't like to go shopping :)

Okay, fair point. :) I do like shopping, but it was for shorts and they are the worst thing for me. I was looking for non-short-shorts (I have enough of those). I wanted knee length or capri and seriously, they always end up looking like pants that I just grew out of, almost to my feet but not quite. I look ridiculous in them. I've been online shopping for new skirts too and haven't found anything I liked. I guess the problem wasn't having to go shopping, it was that it was a bad shopping experience. Maybe as the weather turns warmer /knock on wood/ the selection will pick up. Then I bought the new summer clothes and woke up to snow, so boo that!

Yesterday my sister, The BFF and I were all sitting in the living room together, talking on our phones to other people. I thought, "If someone walks in right now, this is going to look strange." At least we weren't on the phones in the same room all talking to each other. ;)

Edited because I uploaded the perfect icon for this! It's by anyothergirl415 and I saved it under the name "can you hear me now". ;)

Edited at 2011-04-21 05:14 am (UTC)
ranuaranua on April 22nd, 2011 10:44 am (UTC)
Perfect icon! lol I can just see the three of you sitting there all involved in your own conversations and it's a pretty funny image. :)

I have a heck of a time finding shorts I like myself. I'm gonna have to shop for some this year too and I'm not looking forward to it. I'll probably end up with a men's cargo style since I hate women's clothing something fierce. Also, women's shorts are always way too short. :( I need something that goes at least to just above the knee. Since you're not tall have you tried the jrs/girls section for the capris?
dodger_sister: phone calldodger_sister on April 23rd, 2011 03:11 am (UTC)
Since you're not tall have you tried the jrs/girls section for the capris?

That's actually a good idea. I did buy mine in juniors - but I didn't even think of looking at the 'girls' section. They might have skirts I like too.