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Weechesters! Fic Rec.

So, I'm like a bazillion years behind on my friend's page, but I wanted to make this post and then I have to crash because I got like five hours of sleep last night.

Anyway, after I posted that fic I wrote about Rachel Nieland - liptonrm got inspired and decided to post all of her Rachel-fic too. It's a bunch of stand-alones all put together, so with her permission, I am reposting them individually here.

THIS ONE HAS WEE!CHESTERS BEING ADORABLE! What I love about this is how well liptonrm does capturing the Winchester's voices - from John's reaction to meeting Rachel, to wee!Sammy and wee!Dean being so spot on as little boys.

Here is a snippet:

Dean rolled his eyes. “Yeah, so? It’s just some boring girl.”

“But what if she wants to play with us?” Oh yeah, that whine in Sammy’s voice was definitely getting louder.

“We’ll just tell her we aren’t gonna have some stupid tea party and she’ll figure out that we don’t want her around.” Dean wasn’t worried. He was an old pro at getting dumb girls to go away.


Rated G, General, and also including John and Bobby! 1,189 words.

June 1991

It’d been months since they’d stop by the salvage yard but they were on their way up to Blue Earth and he knew he was two breaths from doing one of his boys permanent injury if they didn’t all have a chance to get out and stretch their legs. John figured the boys’d get the chance to run around the yard and he’d have the benefit of some adult conversation, and maybe they’d all survive the rest of the drive in one piece. Anyway, it’d be nice to stop by and say howdy to Bobby when there wasn’t any sort of emergency hanging over any of them.

He wasn’t surprised to see Bobby out in the yard waiting for them when they drove up. The man knew his engines and the Impala wasn’t exactly subtle. He did notice that that beast of a rottweiler wasn’t bristling by Bobby’s feet but he didn’t make much of that observation, dog was probably occupied elsewhere.

The car doors creaked and the lot of them came tumbling out, the boys first and John more slowly. He could hear ever creak his body made as he unfolded himself from behind the wheel. By the time he was out the boys were already pushing each other around the yard to which sight Bobby only raised an amused eyebrow.

“Boys, manners,” John ordered and they were standing tall and straight in an instant.

“Hello Uncle Bobby,” they sing-songed in unison and instantaneously turned to John, an unspoken plea for freedom written plainly across both of their faces.

“Hello boys,” Bobby replied gruffly, eyes twinkling in amusement.

“All right, then. Go on,” John released them with a grin and they shot off across the yard shoving and hassling each other as they went. He and Bobby shared identical amused grins as they shook hands.

“So, you got business in the area, John?” Bobby asked when he’d stepped back.

“Nah,” John drawled. “We’re just on our way up to Jim’s place for a couple weeks and were passing by on the way. Figured it was better to let the boys out here than throw ‘em out while I was driving.”

Bobby chuckled. “Well then, glad you decided to drop by.”

John was about to reply when he heard the screen door creak open. He looked up in time to see a girl no older than Dean step out, a carefully guarded look on her face. “Who’s this, then?” John asked as she made her way down the steps.

“It’s okay girl, come on over here,” Bobby said to the kid, ignoring John’s question for the moment. When she got up to them Bobby put a hand on her shoulder. “This is Mr. Winchester,” He said and she nodded. “John, this is Rachel,” Bobby finished and John shook the hand that she extended.

“Pleased to meet you.” he said carefully.

“Yes sir,” she replied just as carefully, her voice hardly more than a whisper.

“Why don’t you run over and greet the boys,” Bobby suggested and she nodded in reply, immediately heading off across the yard to where Dean and Sam were currently daring each other to climb up the closest junker. The dog appeared from somewhere in the yard to join her.

John regarded Bobby silently for a long moment and the man just stood there and took it as calm as may be. “So, see you’re still taking in strays,” John finally said with a wry twist to his mouth. Bobby just snorted in reply and resettled the frayed cap on top of his head.


“Dean,” Sammy whispered and pointed back towards where their dad and Bobby were standing. “There’s a girl coming towards us.” His voice was mixed with equal parts despair and confusion with more then a little of that whine he always made when it looked like Dean was going to get the last cookie or something fun like that.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Yeah, so? It’s just some boring girl.”

“But what if she wants to play with us?” Oh yeah, that whine in Sammy’s voice was definitely getting louder.

“We’ll just tell her we aren’t gonna have some stupid tea party and she’ll figure out that we don’t want her around.” Dean wasn’t worried. He was an old pro at getting dumb girls to go away.

Sammy’s eyes got big and round when a new thought hit him. “But what if Dad or Uncle Bobby makes us play with her?”

Dean shoved him in the shoulder. “Don’t be stupid. They’d never make us do anything dumb like that.”

Sammy didn’t seem very convinced but Dean didn’t have the chance to say anything else because the girl had already started climbing up the car. She wasn’t smiling, but she didn’t look all prissy like some girls did when they got around him and Sammy, so that was something. Bobby’s dog had come up to the car with her but sat himself down on the ground rather than climb up there after them, his tail twitching back and forth in the dust.

“Hi,” she said, standing up on the hood of the car. She didn’t say anything else, just pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and stared at them.

“Hi,” Dean replied just as brusquely and returned her stare. He wasn’t going to be beat by some girl.

They stayed like that for a very long time with Sammy getting more and more twitchy as the seconds ticked by. He knew that Sammy was going to surrender right before it happened but there was nothing he could do to stop him from opening his big fat mouth and spitting out in one breath, “I’m Sammy and this is Dean and what’s your name?”

“Sammy,” Dean hissed and shoved him in the arm again, this time hard enough for him to squawk an aborted ow.

Something, whether it was Sammy’s neverending dorkiness or the fact that she’d won the staring contest, actually made the girl smile. “I’m Rachel,” she said. She didn’t sound like she was laughing at them at all, like most girls did, which was good because then Dean’d have to push her off the car, and he’d be stuck doing laps for weeks which plain sucked.

“What are you smiling at?” Dean asked with narrowed eyes.

“Nothing,” she shrugged, still grinning. “You just ...” she broke off quick, and suddenly looked a lot like Dad did when he was talking about Mom. She cleared her throat. “You just remind me of my brothers.” And now she looked all serious again and Dean felt a little sad himself.

Sammy slipped past him and clambered down the windshield to stand in front of her. He pulled on the sleeve of her shirt and she looked right at him. “Let’s play hide-n-go-seek.” He turned to look at Dean with those extra big eyes of his. “You wanna play hide-n-go-seek?”

“Okay,” Dean and the girl said in unison. She was smiling again by the time they all made it down off of the old car. Dean guessed that was okay.


Read more of liptonrm's Rachel fic here. It's like if Jeremy Carver were secretly writing fanfic about his own character, you guys! (omg, do you think Jeremy Carver secretly writes fanfic about his own characters?)

Go read! And then this weekend I shall give you some of my fic. I can't decide what to post though - CW RPS or SPN or a SPN Crossover? Hmmmm...
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