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Michael Rosenbaum Confuses Me. In My Pants. (+ tv stuffs)

So...yesterday I watched "Sorority Boys" for the first time EVER.

Let me start by saying, if you watch it, don't quit 20 minutes in. I almost did, didn't think I could do it, no matter how cute Michael is in his little cap. Right around 40 minutes, it became the best thing I have ever seen in my life - (and no, not just because the cross-dressing kicked in). The rest of the movie was kick-your-legs laughing kind of funny. And, as The BFF said - (Yes, now that she lives here, she is subjected to watching all of the crap that Tivo picks up for me in the middle of the night from SyFy, Comedy Central or Lifetime based solely on my boyfriends/girlfriends starring in them) - that in regards to Sorority Boys, "Of all the ‘cross-dressing boys join a sorority’ movies out there, this may be the best I’ve ever seen." It had a believable plot, characters you grew to love and it wasn't all penis and fart jokes. Plus, there was an underlying theme of female empowerment there.

But let's be honest - we are all watching to see Michael Rosenbaum and Barry Watson dressed as chicks, right? So here is where I got confused in my pants. I have many things I like about Michael - top of the list, his lips - and his arms are definitely on the list too. As for chicks, I'll admit, I tend to be a boob-girl. Michael looked good in drag. His baby smooth skin makes him perfect for it. I kind of hate him that he looks better in heels/skirts/everything than me, but whatever. Then we hit the football scene, and here he is dressed as a chick with an excellent, albeit fake, rack wearing sporty chick clothes perfect for playing football in. It's Michael...but it's not. And his arms were visible - and I didn't know where to look. His arms or his chest. It was very confusing. I may have yelled so at the TV. But to be clear, HE WAS HOT. It was too much for me to handle. In my pants.

Also, Barry, you are the most adorable thing that ever lived - but honey, what was up with your hair? Your actual hair and your wig - both were bad. The BFF is right, you have the facial structure to make an excellent woman, if you just had a better wig. I am NOT taking this movie too seriously.

I just may have loved it. And I'm not ashamed. Though I still don't know where to look during that football scene.

In other TV news - I don't feel like any of this is spoilery. I do try not to outright shout the main plot points while still giving my opinion. But just in case you don't want to risk it...

I am currently watching "Deadwood". I only have vague memories of watching it before. I had a broken leg and pain pills at the time, so it's like watching it for the first time now. It is emotionally exhausting how much I am into Jane. She will wreck you. I <3 Charlie, I hope he is in more eps. Dan and Al are in the longest most committed relationship the show has. Ellsworth and Dan are BFFs and don't even know it. Also, I have to turn the volume way up because everyone is mumbley and muttery and slurry - except for Al, who pronounces his words loud ‘n clear. I generally have a foul mouth but I try to reign it in - if I don't, then I find I slip up whenever The Nephew is around. Deadwood has kind of thrown that out the window. I had choice words while playing Simpsons Road Rage today and The BFF said, “Well, even if I didn’t already know it, I’d know you had started watching Deadwood by your mouth.” In Sum: Timothy Olyphant, please always build things with your shirt off.

"Breaking In" - if you saw it and you know me, then you know that I was like beyond in love with Oz at the end during that exchange between him and Melanie. I love the "family we make" theme and Breaking In just clicked it.

"Glee" - It was fine, but why was it so long? The Warblers song did get me kind of sweetly-sad-happy and also I like that Keane song. The Gaga one was good - I do like when they perform as a united front. Also, Puck's t-shirt FTMFW! And Mike's fucking legs moving like Grace itself. And even though most of the time he bores me, Finn really does make your heart all mushy sometimes. I could have done without all the Emma crap, I guess, was my main problem. I just find I don’t care that much about Will or Emma. And the episode kind of dragged. Oh...and I am so done with Dave. They need to stop that now. First it was incredibly triggery for me during my happy show, not kidding - and now it's just stupid. They couldn't have just transferred the character? (Yeah, so done with that storyline).

"The Office" - I just watched Michael's last ep of The Office, accidentally - and even though I only sporadically watch that show in reruns, I was still crying like a baby girl. Yes, I cried, okay?! It was very well done. I <3 him. I do. (Also, for the record, Andy and Kevin are my boys!)

Okay, I have real life stuff to report, but I'll make another post after I catch up on My Flist. So...uh, whenever that is.

That is all.

ETA: New tags for my LJ - "breaking in - i'll allow it" & "deadwood - *unts & *ocksuckers". I amuse myself.
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