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Have A Supernatural Picspam of Complete Randomness.

Seriously, how do people keep up on LJ that have, like, jobs and shit? I don't know. Maybe if I would stop sitting around watching "House", I'd get shit done.

Anyway...I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy Birthday to flawed_x_design! I hope it's an awesome day! It's been great getting to know you. Here, have this Supernatural Picspam of Complete Randomness. I just picked some of my favorites, for you, on your birthday. And since we were just talking about Dean and Ben, let's start there...

Look how proud Dean is of his boy!

How such dorks?

Dean and Castiel's awkward love...or Can You Hear Me Now?

Dean being pornographic about his food. Sam seems uncomfortable.

Whatever is going on here...because look at the placement of Dean's arm!
He likes sitting with his boyfriend brother.
Also, look how wee and cute, you guys!

Dirty Boys! Or, well, mostly Dean.

Wee!Dean & Baby!Sammy. Oh, you can't really see Baby!Sammy... Baby!Sammy.

A Sandwich!

Happy Birthday, flawed_x_design!!
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