dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Glee Is Suppose To Be My HAPPY Show!

Supernatural is my show that is suppose to make me cry! Glee is suppose to be my happy show! HAPPY SHOW, I say!

But I started crying when Tina started crying and I couldn't stop. And then I did and then Mr. Schue started crying and then...MY HAPPY SHOW!

And now it's all gone and it's summer and Psych won't be back until the end of July and dammitdammitdammit.

Maybe I'll make a coherent post about the Glee finale later but right now I am just...I'm not suppose to cry over Glee.

Stupid Glee.
Tags: glee episode hand clapping, glee is love!, stupid things that make me cry, tv show blahblahblahing

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