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My Brother Is NOT Jimmy Marsden.

The weather here has evened out at about 50 - 60 degrees, depending on if the sun is out. Not horrible, but since we have had blizzards before in May, I'm not going to say it's over. Nevertheless, I went outside without a coat today. Yay that!

I saw my hip doctor last week. Everything is good!! The hip replacements aren’t loose or worn down yet. No surgery for awhile. They want to see me back in 2 years. I can go back to therapy. This means I will be in shape just in time to start wearing tank tops again. It may be vain, but I don’t care, my arms looked good last summer. Plus, since I converted half of the PT aides into watching Supernatural, at least the conversation won't suck. And I have my new Ipod to use. Not really excited about therapy, but I feel like I have grown as a person that I can even be not bashing my head against a wall at the prospect of it. Of course, my new found love of watching Deadwood may have turned my language more colorful than usual, and thus made me fit to never leave the house again, so therapy will be an interesting experiment in social interactions.

Easter went well. Long and tiring. We usually invite my mom and her sisters to breakfast. This year neither side of the family was having anything, so we extended an invitation to BOTH sides of our family (mom’s and dad‘s), anyone that didn't have something to go too - (most people have their in-laws and such). We had two egg/sausage casseroles and some potatoes and a fruit plate. Anyone could stop by. Open house from like 11 to 1. We expected ten people. We got 25 RSVPs. In the end, we got about 15 people. It worked out pretty good, I think.

The only downside is that my grandma refused to come. Honestly, we made the extended invites in hopes that if we made it about everyone, Grandma would be more likely to come than if we just invited her - (which would just be a reminder that Grandpa is in the nursing home). She refused to come, even though her children, grandkids and great-grandkids were coming. Even though it was The Boy Cousin's 11th birthday on Easter Day as well, and the kids were going to hunt for eggs and we got The Boy Cousin some cupcakes. She said her duty is to Grandpa. Like taking a half hour to stop by for coffee is somehow betraying him - (I know for a fact that he would say otherwise. Actually, the day he was lucid enough, he promised us he would talk her into it, so I know he wanted her to come). I know this is hard for her and she can't stand the thought of him in there, but I am starting to fear that he will be there for two/three years and that she will refuse to live her life at all during that time.

Also, we reminded Grandpa of Grandma's birthday (it was yesterday - she‘s 86) and he was worried about what he could do for her. So my sis went and picked up some flowers and a card for him. The smile on his face when he realized he would have something for his wife, it was beautiful. Then my Grandma calls yesterday and wants to pay us for the flowers. We told her we had nothing to do with it, Grandpa must have done it by magic, anyway we owe him money from all the times he kicked our butts at cards, and there was no way we were taking money from her for her birthday present from Grandpa. Seriously. That kind of behavior from Grandma isn’t new though - money has always been a sore spot for her.

On the lighter side of things - we have these photo coasters we got as a gift. My sis and I don't have kids and we won't be lame and put in pics of our cats - so we put in pics of hot guys instead. My uncle picks one up and says, "I see this is your brother, but who are these other people?" WHAT?! I do not know who he was looking at - I’m gonna guess Jimmy Marsden - but my brother is NOT Jimmy Marsden. Nor is he Enrique Murciano, cuz he ain’t Cuban or my boyfriend, ewww. Or Jared Padalecki, cuz he ain't a Sasquatch or a Winchester. Or Dominic Monaghan, cuz he ain't a Hobbit or British. AND HE SURE AS SHIT AIN'T JENSEN ACKLES!! There is a sixth person, I can't remember who, but my brother ain’t him either. Love my brother, but he doesn’t look like anyone who made it into our Hot Guy Coasters. WTF.

Also, my aunts were talking about their Uncle Roscoe. “What happened to his wife? Did she die or they got divorced? Oh well, he was alone later in life, anyway.” My mom says, "He wasn’t alone, he had his one son." Dead silence in the room. My sister finally goes, "Not like that he didn't." I said, "I hope not anyway." Everyone laughs. The Sister and I exchange a glance and I know we are both thinking, "WINCEST!" in the middle of Easter brunch.

Also, I am reading a book that I would like to talk about at some point, and I am about ready to start serial killing the neighbor children and summer vacation hasn’t even started yet.

Guess I’ll get to those in a different post.

That is all.
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