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Music Mix Rec!

So, I have currently reached a zen place about tomorrow's Supernatural finale. And by currently, I mean the last hour or so.


Who saw Breaking In this week?

Is it wrong that I was attracted to Cam in the goth outfit? It is, isn't it?

Is it wronger that I was attracted to Dutch in the 80s white-washed jeans? /headdesk/

Did you guys see Rosenbaum do a little break dance? heehee

Best line was Oz when Cam was all asking him how he got his hands on Cam's high school yearbook - "It's adorable you still ask me these things."


And now, liptonrm has uploaded her Castiel mix, Show Me The Way. I was lucky enough to get it a few weeks ago and I've got to say - it's good stuff.

"The Cave" hits the spot perfectly, I have become totally obsessed. I also love the versions of "Down To The River To Pray" and "Let It Be" she has here. And I am totally grooving on "Mercy Me" and "What Are You Willing To Lose". know what, just go listen.

A great Cas-mix, as well as a great mix in general. Please be sure to tell her if you enjoy it. I know she worked crazy hard on it.

That is all.
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