dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Day of The Suck

Yep, that's today. I slept horribly last night. I couldn't fall asleep and then when I did, I woke up like every half hour in horrible lower back pain. I had a brunch scheduled with The Mother and I woke up late for that because apparently my clock is all messed up from losing power last week. I had less than an hour to get ready and when I got into the bathroom - hey ladies, guess why my lower back was killing me. (though that explains why I cried last night during the Glee finale and again tonight during the George Kirk death scene in the Star Trek movie. Right? It's not because I'm a little girl or anything.) Then I went to put my contact lens in, thought it was in and so leaned away from the safety of the counter and blinked and pop - it came flying out of my eye and onto the floor. And hey, it's not like I can see to find the damn thing when I don't have my contact in my eye! By then I was running so late that my mother had shown up and one thing went right - she found it! It was salvaged. I got like a 3 minute shower because my mom was already here and my back was killing me and I felt unclean all day. Then I accomplished nothing, had to go lay down with the heating pad and then (because I am a masochist, I schedule both parents on the same day just to be done with it all) I had dinner with The Father, which always takes like at least two hours and it was killing me to sit up that long. Day One is always the worst but man this is brutal. Finally my dad left and I got in the shower again and though I feel fresher, the shower and the warm drink that followed have done nothing to help the pain.

Here's my complaint - if there is no chance I'm actually going to reproduce or enjoy the act that causes reproducing - the sex - then why the hell am I forced to go through this every month? Biology can bite my ass.

The only thing to do now is curl up on my side and think about RPS until I fall asleep. It's four hours earlier than I usually go to bed, this is ridiculous. Whatever. I'm off because it has to be better tomorrow.
Tags: biology can bite my ass, family circus, real life, sad-face, stupid things that make me cry, today sucked monkey butt

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