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I Feel Better, And Thus, I Give You "Leverage" Vid recs

I feel better. I actually slept last night and my back only hurts the normal amount that I look forward to each month.

To celebrate - I give you vid recs for "Leverage". Even though - I am actually serious here - I don't even watch that show. Not like when I claim I don't watch "One Tree Hill" and you all know I'm a big stupid liar-head.

I actually don't watch "Leverage". It's a long story and I don't want to mention anything - coughcoughmickeybricksanddannybluecoughcough - but I do love me some Christian Kane and heck, yeah, Aldis is quite adorable on that show.

"How do you know, if you don't even watch that show?" Well, there may have been one late night watching of anything that popped up under the search of "Christian Kane" on The YouTube. May have been. Possibly.

And occasionally I think I could ship Hardison and Eliot even though I don't even watch that show.

"How can you ship two people from a show you don't even watch?"

See the boys play Rock, Paper, Scissors

See the boys fight over a shirt

See the boys get pissy with each other and then give the love

See the boys gets pissy cuz apparently Eliot is an un-American dick who doesn't like baseball

Questions? "Those weren't vids. We want recs. Fan-Made-Music-Video Recs!" Well, if you want sexy-sex, go someplace else (or that'll be a different post on a different day). Instead, for today at least, I give you vids that crack my shit up and made me feel monumentally better the last few days.

Hardison is fine with it if Eliot is gay

Hardison and Eliot are Superheros (that's right, Tenacious D! style)

Leverage done to the Duck Tales Theme Song (omg, remember this song?)

Okay, Hardison and Eliot and Dawson's Creek - wait, I mean Parker - are adorable together, it's true, plus I now like this song

And lastly, yes, I went looking for Christian Kane, but I may think Aldis is all squishy cute now

"How can we convince you to watch this show? How we say?!"

You probably can't. But go ahead and try. Hit me with the sexy vid recs. I like explosions. And cute squee friendships don't hurt when trying to con me into something. Also, how come there weren't any music vids of Eliot being all adorable? Not that I don't like the sexy hot of him with the beatings and the punchings, but can a girl get some ridiculous cute?

In sum - don't forget tomorrow is Stonehenge Apocalypse Day! (okay, that's not in sum at all). Expect a ridiculous cracktastic review by Monday. Probably mostly describing Misha's clothes.
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