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Because Tony Todd Says So.

I am using my "screwed" icon, because anyone who is in a Final Destination movie is so screwed. So, yep, I saw Final Destination 5 in 3D this weekend.


Here's the thing - there are some movies that are not filmed in 3D and then are just sort of twisted later into kind of being 3D, you know. But this was actually filmed in 3D, so even the parts that weren't people being decapitated and shit - it was still like the people were standing right in front of you. It was so cool. And then of course, all the people's eyeballs and heads and random body parts flying at the screen, which rules. What? You knew I was sick and twisted when you friended me, people. NO GETTING YOUR MONEY BACK NOW!

And yeah, I have seen one other actual 3D movie, My Bloody Valentine, but I was thinking about it later because I don't really remember it on the big screen. I think I took my glasses off about a quarter of the way through. I was taking the Oxy back then and a few (or six) too many pills and the 3D effect had me all headachey and nauseous, so...this is the first time I really enjoyed a good 3D movie. (We are so excited about Shark Night 3D coming out - when the shark swam by in the trailer, I jumped right out of my seat!)

The plot for FD5 was as to be expected, because they are all basically the same, but there were a few awesome things that need mentioning. Tony Todd was back in this one again, which makes my little fangirl heart all squee - (who remembers his multiple guest stars on 21 Jump Street?). There was a music vid during the credits that was AC/DC's "If You Want Blood" - (my favorite AC/DC song ever!) - that showcased all the death moments from all five movies. And the end, which I won't spoil, but any fan of the whole franchise will highly appreciate the end. 'Nuff said.

Then the credits switched to quiet music after the AC/DC and suddenly there was this weird pattering noise. We realized it was rain and we could hear it in the theater. We stepped out of the screening area and saw tons of people gathered in the back lobby, all staring outside like pod people. IT WAS FREAKING HAILING!!

So we went to the bathroom and did our business, then waited around looking up all of the FD5 actors on my sister's phone. Finally it calmed down enough to go get in the car. Of course, once we were in the car, I realized my credit card had fallen out of my pocket on the bathroom floor. So my sister jumps out of the car to run back in and get it. The BFF and I are wondering why my sister is running around the building in the rain, instead of just driving to the front door and running in. So we think we will drive up to the front and meet her. Only to realize she didn't leave the keys in the car.

It is then that we realize how Final Destination this scenario is. Nasty hail calms down and you think everything is fine, and then a seemingly insignificant occurrence (my card falling out of my pocket) happens. One person runs inside, problem solved. Except for the missing car keys. All of these happenings have lead to us being left in the car with my wheelchair stuck in the trunk and no car keys to speak of - in the middle of the storm.

Seems like a Final Destination set-up, yes?

Cue us looking out across the parking lot to see my sister waving her hands and running towards us, shouting, "The sirens! The sirens! Get out of the car!"



My life is a Devon Sawa movie.

At any rate, we went inside and hung out in the lobby - (btw, we actually heard the teenage staff saying to each other, "What are we suppose to do if we see an actual tornado? I don't know either." Maybe they need a protocol or something) - and we found my credit card - (I have to stop putting things in my back pocket). And then we went home to find my lawn chair toppled over and a huge ass branch across our driveway. But we had electricity and some "Scrubs" to watch, so it was all good. (Who agrees The Todd is my perfect man, y/y?)

Many other things happened this weekend, but now I have rambled on for 800 words so, as always, I will say that I'll tell you the rest later and then I will get distracted by porn. (Maybe if you all weren't writing such damn fine porn, this wouldn't be a problem!)

One last thing on my writing - 2,267 words in and the porn is just getting started. But it is getting started, so whoo-hoo! Their pants aren't quite off yet, and I was gonna get there tonight, but my fingers are all achey for some reason, so I will take off their pants tomorrow.
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