dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

I Squish His Face!

A half hour left in Billy Boyd's birthday! I want to squish his face all up, cuz I love it so.

Here is a vid clip I stole from The Youtube of Billy singing "Baby, One More Time" on The Megan Mullally Show. I am still feeling the tremors from the first time I watched this all those years ago - that's how hard I get hit every time he sings. I am kind of in love with how into the song he gets here.

Sing for us, baby. Sing.

I have lots of updates and random babble to share, but I am tired now and I have laundry to put away, so I am going to sneak quietly into my sister's room with the flashlight (because she is sleeping) and snag the Firefly DVDs and pop one in before bed.

Not that I needed a reason, but the sudden urge to watch Firefly was brought on by this fic afra_schatz wrote for me off a prompt I gave her - It's Orli/Bean in space ala Firefly and it is brilliant and I am happy. Go Read! No Power In The 'Verse"
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