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Cat Update and Other Random Babble.

First, thank you to everyone who expressed good wishes for my baby boy! I love you guys.

Papa Bear is home now and doing a ton better. The vet said he had the flu and that because he weighs so little, he had gotten massively dehydrated. They kept him for two whole days and gave him IV fluids and meds. I have been monitoring how much water he drinks since he got home. They said the confusion was from the dehydration, which is good, because I was convinced he'd had a stroke. Because of the steroids he is on for other things, his immune system is majorly depressed, so we can expect this to happen more as he gets older. But now I know what to look for, to start watching the minute I notice him having problems, how to check for dehydration and can get him right in for fluids the next time. Now that I know, I won't be so freaked out the next time either. I just have to keep like $200 in my account at all times, for cat health services. We are also going to invest in our own crate (the one we have now is my cousin's) so that when he does get sick, we can monitor him better and keep him away from the other cats.

I brought him home and we had a big cuddle. This morning I woke up with my feet sticking out from under the covers and Papa Bear grooming my toes. Though, after we got Papa Bear home, one of my sister's cat went and threw up. We watched him and he seems to be okay and it didn't happen again, so I don't know if he got the flu too or what.

In other news, tomorrow (probably today by the time I get this posted) is my mom's birthday. I know, it's a crappy date to have as a birthday. Anyways, my sister and I tried to get my mom to go to breakfast with us, but she has plans already. I am actually happy about this - she never goes out and does anything, so I am happy some old friends invited her over. My sister and I are taking her to dinner on Tuesday. It seems all my mom and I do lately is fight with each other, so I hope it won't be awful.

In Sum: My sister has a Logan-Sim and he wanted to be a firefighter, so she let him. Now her Sim Fire-Fighting Team consists of Logan the Wolverine, Zoe from Firefly, Jo from Supernatural and Gunn from Angel.

My response?

"I would light our house on fire just to make them come over and be hot-asses. Damn."
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