dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Happy Hobbit Day!

It's the birthday of those fine hobbit gentlemen - Bilbo and Frodo Baggins!! Happy Hobbit Birthday!! This is the second year I have had an LJ to celebrate this happy occasion.

So here is a birthday song for Bilbo, but let us not forget that it is also Frodo's birthday too!

The info says this song is by "Fellowship Hope" and the vid by someone named Crystl22, who shares this birthday with Bilbo & Frodo, so happy birthday to the vidder as well!

And on a final note...Happy Birthday to my good dear beautiful friend allamboy on his birthday. You know I love you, baby! Come home from China soon.
Tags: because i'm sick and twisted like that, birthdays, friends 4evah, hobbit boys are made of love, i am a hobbit, lj stuffs, lord of the rings took my virginity, music blahblahblahing, pimping is a good life choice, sister oh sister, vid reccing, youtube is an alien-virus

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