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08 November 2011 @ 02:27 pm
I Am Stupid.  

Apparently I don't know how to tell time. Or know what date it is (or what month, but that's neither here nor there). If something is on at 12:30 am, then the date has rolled over...so 12:30 am on the 8th means that Jeffrey was on Craig (heehee on Craig) at 12:30 am this morning.

I feel stupid.

My inability to tell time has thwarted me again.

I apologize profusely. Have this wallpaper of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as my gift to you.

I am sure that the interview will pop on youtube for those of you without the Tivo to save your asses.

And since we are on the subject of things which I am too stupid to comprehend, like telling time - let's talk about Once Upon A Time. Who is watching this show?

Can you please explain to me if the Mayor/Evil Queen knows their true identities or not? At first I didn't think that anyone remembered - but if she doesn't remember then why is she messing with Prince Charming and Mary Margaret like that? What's the point - just to be a crazy evil bitch? She must remember the truth, right? Am I confused or are we not suppose to know and they want us to keep guessing about it? Because sometimes I think she doesn't know and sometimes I think she does know and sometimes I think Rumpelstiltskins knows.

Kate: Hatter is bemusedceitfianna on November 8th, 2011 07:50 pm (UTC)
I need to rewatch that episode because I didn't understand it though I enjoyed it.

Snow and Charming hooked me in by being mutually badass and charming.
dodger_sister: televisiondodger_sister on November 9th, 2011 08:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the episode was my favorite so far as the fairy tale side of things, the most interested I have been in their backstory. Snow was so awesome as the thief. I actually didn't see that coming, when he pulled off her hood and it was her. She was just so badass - I like her much better there than as the school teacher.

I just can't tell who knows and who doesn't know or if maybe some of them have this feeling like something is off. But I mean, if Mayor doesn't know, then why is she messing with them like that, because no way that woman is actually Charming's wife in this world.
D: CW rps: JDM Who's your Daddydenyce on November 9th, 2011 04:15 am (UTC)
Didn't catch Jeff live but its up on UT here- hilarious!
dodger_sister: jeffrey dean morgandodger_sister on November 9th, 2011 08:45 pm (UTC)
Tivo actually got it for me and saved my ass. But I will pimp the link to my Flist - thanks!! (wait, my hand seems to have accidentally clicked the link - oh well, guess I'll have to watch it again!)

I seriously was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face, I thought I might throw up. And the glasses are really working for me.
Charlene: Kitten - Captivated Audiencecamera_lucida on November 9th, 2011 03:15 pm (UTC)
I have decided to download that ep of Craig Ferguson and JDM after all your pimping. Haven't downloaded a talk show in aaages. (That wallpaper is stunning, btw. Good consolation prize.)

Weirdly enough, K. was texting me about Once Upon a Time earlier this evening. I think it's begun showing on cable but I couldn't be bothered to check it out. The reviews were not encouraging. Don't know if she ended up watching it or not. How do you find the show? Worth my time?
dodger_sister: jeffrey dean morgandodger_sister on November 9th, 2011 08:56 pm (UTC)
The interview is up already on youtube - someone else loves these men as much as I do it seems. They talk about boners and Elmo.

Thank you - I love that wallpaper of JDM, it is my favorite of all the many several I made of him. What? I am not obsessed! Shut up.

Once Upon A Time - Well, it is early on, we have only had three episodes, so that is hard to judge on. So many shows, especially shows like this, take longer than that to find their stride. It is why so many good shows get canceled just as they are finding their footing. It has potential to be very good, but it isn't quite there yet.

This year, as I have been so sick and doing a lot of laying around, I am giving more shows a chance to get their feet under them than I normally would. I tried 8 news shows and I am still watching 6 of them. Had I less forced couch time, I may have given them up by now. In fact, the only one I probably would have stuck with (and this is going to piss you off because I know you want me to be watching Primevel) is Terra Nova.

So...with your limited amount of TV time, Once Upon a Time is probably not worth it. That does not, however, mean that it won't become worth it as it goes along. This is one of those shows that is either going to start exploding with awesome or never go anywhere and just sort of never hit its mark.
Charlene: Kitten - Captivated Audiencecamera_lucida on November 10th, 2011 02:51 am (UTC)
Not at all surprised to find that the interview is already up. *g* Will probably download the episode anyway since I like 'collecting' things in that weird way. Already found the torrent link too. (Yeah, the irritating thing is seeding the show afterwards. But I'm patient like that, being an equal opportunity pirateer and all.)

I normally give shows some time to get on their feet as well, although I am unfairly biased towards a good pilot. If a pilot is great, then I give a show even more time to try to reach its potential. But even before a 'good' pilot, a show's premise has to catch my attention or barring that, the show has to have a star/actor/writer/director/creator that I'm interested in to get me to tune in in the first place. Once Upon a Time, unfortunately, doesn't have any of that. American Horror Story on the other hand, has it in spades, and that show begins airing here on Friday. Yay!

Out of curiosity, what are the 8 news shows that you tried and the 6 that you've stuck with so far? I already know about Once Upon a Time.

As for Terra Nova, I want to see that too! (I don't begrudge you delaying Primeval. Aside fom the dinosaur link, they're fundamentally different shows.) Fox International Asia, which is usually full of so much awesomeness, has been kinda cruel about Terra Nova. They have the regional rights (and I mean exclusive regional rights) to both Terra Nova and The Walking Dead and they've split the two shows among different countries. What that means for me is I get The Walking Dead, but NOT Terra Nova and for other countries, it's the reverse. Fuck. The Walking Dead has been completely brilliant, though, so I'm not really complaining. If forced to choose, I would've gone for The Walking Dead as well.

Anyway, if Once Upon a Time picks up, let me know. I'm more interested in seeing Grimm (which appears to owe a huge debt to Supernatural) so I hope a channel picks it up here. Haven't gone the downloading route yet for any of the new shows, but I'll probably start Season 7 of SPN this weekend. Finally, right? I might even have a Season 6 review up by today. *gasp*
dodger_sister: televisiondodger_sister on November 10th, 2011 04:58 am (UTC)
We are not allowed to download - Comcast is watching us. But I would rec you do get the whole episode, just so you can watch more of Craig being awesome!

My sis and I were just talking the other day about shows that had fantastic pilots out the gate - SPN, Walking Dead, Glee, Deadwood, The West Wing, Firefly (huh, there were like 8 on the list but I can't remember the others).

I was actually pulled into watching Once Upon A Time the old fashioned way - I saw a trailer. But OH, OH - American Horror Story - fuck Terra Nova, if I had to pick one new show it would be that. I forgot about it because I don't even count it as a new show - I feel like I have been watching it forever. IT IS SO GOOD. You would love it. It is dark and twisted and scary and fucked up, but so, so good. SO GOOD.

I thought about what new shows I have tried out - not counting Wilfred, which was technically a summer show, though omg so cracky and good. And Storage Wars and The Sing Off, which are old shows that I just started watching...It looks like I actually have NINE new shows I tried out and only one I quit (though after only one episode of Hell on Wheels, I doubt I will still be watching by episode three - it gets one more episode to woo me).

My List -

Terra Nova - took a couple of episodes to hit its stride but managed it around episode four. Won't be a "fandom" show but I enjoy the premise and the characters consistently.

American Horror Story - I AM IN LOVE. The house and the ghosts in it are my favorite characters on the show.

Once Upon A Time - good, but not great. Would be better if they dropped the fairy tale flashbacks and just focused on the present day - we know what characters everyone is, I want fairy tale soap operas playing out in present day (Fairy Tales/Desperate Housewives!)

Hell on Wheels - not expecting it to be Deadwood like everyone else because that isn't fair, but the main guy is too self-righteous for my tastes. He is a gunslinger bent on revenge, he shouldn't be such a white knight this early on.

Death Valley - Oh, I will NEVER quit this show. It's like COPS but instead of arresting white trash peeps, they arrest vampires and werewolves and kill zombies. Like a special task force to deal with the recent outbreak of supernatural in The Valley. My new TV boyfriend, Officer Billy, is my favorite new shiny toy.

Grimm - it is fine, but it feels very SPN-lite and the lead guy does not hold my interest at all. Still, only two episdoes in so I am giving the actor a chance to get his feet. Will probably keep watching it since my sister seems to be really into it and the TV is in the same room as the couch. (wow, that was not a big sell - only on the second episode though so don't listen to me).

The Secret Circle - would never have watched this (I don't care about witches the way I do vampires) but The BFF read the books as a kid and wanted to watch it. I am enjoying it - this does not mean that you will. I like teen soaps. This one has witches. Though, the storytelling is done much better than shows like One Tree Hill and 90210, so even though it is a teen drama, it moves along at a great pace.

Subugatory - sitcom starring Alan Tudyk (hells yes!) and Jeremy Sisto (yum) and Rex Lee (awww). It's a sitcom. It has a dark sense of humor but it's a sitcom. Currently the only sitcom I watch, I am not sitcom watcher, so I guess that is a boost for it that I am still watching it.

How To Be A Gentlemen - the show I quit after one episode. Sitcom starring Kevin Dillon and Murray from Flight of the Conchords (Rhys something). So, so, so, so, so bad. My heart hurt so much for Kevin.

I was sure you and SPN were about to break up. Season Seven is nowhere near the level of past seasons, but I think it is better than Season Six, so there is that.
Charlene: Kitten - Captivated Audiencecamera_lucida on November 12th, 2011 05:09 am (UTC)
Well, I just saw the pilot of American Horror Story and I knew it was time to reply to this. Talk about great pilots. I knew I was hooked after the first seven minutes (that's the prologue, basically). I'll have to download the show though because local cable will censor it to pieces. It's too dark, twisted and graphic for Asian audiences. (I got back from the hospital so late last night that I missed it on TV. Ended up downloading the show 'cos I couldn't wait for the replay on Sunday night. I'm glad I did so I watched the uncensored version.)

Other fantastic pilots that fulfilled on their promise include Sons of Anarchy, True Blood, Six Feet Under, Kings, Game of Thrones, Battlestar Galactica, Justified . . . and there are more but I'm also running out of steam.

Your list is interesting. Some of these shows I hadn't even heard of like Hell on Wheels but any sort of Western immediately attracts my attention. Ditto for Death Valley. Believe it or not, I caught the pilot of The Secret Circle on its rerun over the weekend. I missed the first five minutes or so but I quickly figured out what I was watching. I'm not a huge fan of witches (The CW seems to have cornered the market on the whole teen supernatural drama thing), but the pilot was okay. I even watched the second episode the following weekend but haven't seen anything since.

Speaking of pilots, the worst one I've seen so far this TV season is The Playboy Club. I never expected it to be high art or anything, but good grief. I thought it would be period piece eye candy and it had Eddie Cibrian in it who I've had a soft spot for since Invasion, but the whole thing was just rubbish! I'm not surprised the show was axed instantly. (Having said that, I still watched the second episode the following week *eye roll* but also haven't seen anything since.)

The show K. desperately wants to see is Ringer. She's such a huge Buffy fan that she wants to check it out out of loyalty. I'm more interested in Ioan Gruffud. The idea of him doing American network television is just . . . alien.

The show I'm excited for is Awake. There already appear to be problems with the production, which is disheartening but the premise and the trailer are both stunning. Plus, I'm a big Jason Isaacs fan so I'm happy with the casting.

Anyway, I hope to finish my S6 review of SPN today since all the hospital stuff yesterday just drained me. Check it out when you have the time so we can finally talk about the show.
dodger_sister: televisiondodger_sister on November 17th, 2011 10:33 pm (UTC)
IKR, American Horror Story is so fucked up and awesome! I can't wait for you to watch more - the two part Halloween episode was unreal! It just gets more twisted as it goes. Oh yes, no censoring this show at all - stick with the downloads.

Justified had a great pilot (that was on our list as well). We had a whole debate about whether BSG counted since it was tecnically a miniseries to start and then they made it into a TV show, so which episode was considered the pilot, blahbahblah - we take these discussions too seriously in this house. "Life As We Know It" was also on our list but nobody has ever heard of that show. So much happens in the pilot though.

Trailer for Hell on Whells here. I still have only watched the pilot ep.

Death Valley - this explains it all. And the extended trailer - "I french kiss my mother with this mouth" is my new boyfriend, Officer Billy. YOU need to be watching Death Valley. You would enjoy the hell out of this show.

Secret Circle's most interesting character is Faye and something just happned that looks like she might be getting a huge storyline, which makes me happy since she is my favorite. I find the lead, Cassie, to be the least interesting of all. I hope Faye and Diana steal this show from Cassie.

I didn't even give The Playboy Club a chance because everything I saw for it looked like it was trying to be Mad Men without an understanding of what makes Mad Men so great. Ringer has been getting a ton of buzz - now I kind of wish I had started watching that. Misha is going to guest star later this season. (BTW, guest starring roles - have you heard about Nick Lea?)

What is "Awake"? Cuz, hi, I want to do baddirtywrong things to Jason Isaacs on a regular basis, so please enlighten me.

Hospital stuff? As in taking your dad in for an appointment? I hope so and not like you finally collapsed from stress and exhaustion or something.

/fist bump/
Charlene: Kitten - Captivated Audiencecamera_lucida on November 22nd, 2011 03:14 pm (UTC)
Sadly, I have no updates on the American Horror Story front. My download list is looong and I prioritize the torrents that are dying out. Since AHS is a new show, its torrents are obviously healthy. I'm trying to get the last of Desperate Romantics, a BBC 6-part period series that you'd probably not be interested in but I suspect your sister would love. (I recall you said that she enjoyed The Pillars of the Earth or it could've been Boardwalk Empire. Hmm . . . now I'm not so sure.) But your sister is the nerdy type (I mean that affectionately) and I think we both enjoy well-made historical drama. I'm following Desperate Romantics for Aiden Turner, who I shall wax poetical about another time. I have two more eps to go, but I might intersperse AHS somewhere in there. It's too good to resist.

We had a whole debate about whether BSG counted since it was technically a miniseries to start and then they made it into a TV show, so which episode was considered the pilot, blahbahblah - we take these discussions too seriously in this house.

LOL. Your BSG point is perfectly valid. I'm not sure myself on which side of the fence I'd fall on. I understood that the show was always going to be produced, but the creators opted to go the mini-series route to allow for a longer, more thorough introduction to the show. It's similar to the original show in the sense that the first two episodes were joined together and are often treated as a Battlestar Galactica film, when in reality they're actually the first two episodes of the show. Mini-series aside, if you want to go with 1x01 of the new BSG as the 'pilot,' I still thought it was a good episode. Suspenseful, well-paced and here's the important bit - it wasn't difficult to pick up the back story even if you'd missed the mini-series. That's good storytelling. And I guess that's my two cents on BSG and its pilots.

Death Valley and Hell on Wheels have not gotten any publicity in my neck of the woods. I'll have to turn to torrents for these shows as well. (That download list keeps getting longer and longer!)

As for The Playboy Club, I never had high expectations for it. I certainly never thought that it would be the next Mad Men or even attempt something of that caliber. (What show would be foolish enough to do so? Unless it's something HBO comes up with, in which case it wouldn't be foolish.) I just wanted pretty eye candy with some decent drama, a guilty pleasure so to speak. I thought The Playboy Club would be a soap opera thinly disguised with the sheen of a primetime drama. It didn't even manage that. :-(

Next up in the not-expecting-much-from-the-period-drama-sweepstakes-but-definitely-going-to-check-it-out anyway is Magic City. You obviously know why: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. He's a major upgrade from Eddie Cibrian and since I watch Spartacus, loved The Pillars of the Earth and enjoyed Camelot (flaws and all), Starz has a decent enough track record that Magic City shouldn't be a thorough mess.

Ringer has been getting a ton of buzz - now I kind of wish I had started watching that. Misha is going to guest star later this season.

K. is going to be so psyched. I wonder if she knows? She has a crappy connection when it comes to downloading. I may have to download Ringer for her (otherwise J., the downloading guru can do it).

(BTW, guest starring roles - have you heard about Nick Lea?)

No. I'm not even sure what context this is being asked. Ringer? Another show? Help out the clueless!

Awake has a lot of potential, but it's the execution that's going to be tough. This is the last article that I read about it, which is a little worrying, but it also has a link to the trailer at the end so you can see what I'm excited about. Whatever happens I'm going to check out this show. It's Jason Isaacs! Enough said.

Hospital stuff is indeed related to my dad. It's not very good news either but I'll update this journal when I have a better idea of what's going on.