dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

Happy Needless Turkey Murder Day!

Okay, no, I totally ate turkey - it was delicious. I've just been watching "Friends" and am channeling Phoebe now. Last night, Tivo grabbed some Thanksgiving episodes of "Friends" and I had forgotten that the season ten episode was the one where they all show up late for dinner and then they shove their heads in the door and then Joey gets his head stuck and then they have to put turkey grease on his head and then he tries to lick it off and then...yeah. I was doing one of those laughing hysterically things where my feet were kicking and my hands were clapping and I was almost-but-not-quite crying. It was so funny.

In honor of which, I made you all a Thanksgiving card...because among the many things I am grateful for, I am grateful for my Friends on LJ. This month, with my limited computer time, has really shown me how very much you all help me through the bad times - by giving me the sillies and the support I need. So, thank you.

For my friends...

I managed to get out of all family obligations this year (we'll be making up for it at Christmas, I am sure) but Rachel is totally right...the essence of Thanksgiving - "But it's Thanksgiving and we should not want to be together together."

I would marry Joey Tribbiani so hard.
(This is the only clip I could find that had an embed code on it, but for some reason everything is backwards.
Like the apartments are on the opposite sides and stuff. Weird. Even backwards, still funny.)


Now I shall go eat my pie.
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