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17 January 2012 @ 09:30 pm
Okay, Well, Let's Do A Meme.  
I didn't have to go to therapy today. I was suppose to, but they canceled because Kevin went home sick. I told him last week he was pushing himself too hard, with like a million things going on, and he was going to end up flat on his face. He must be really sick though, because I didn't know the man even knew what a sick day was, let alone how to use one.

At any rate, it is now 9pm and I have completely wasted this whole day and have done nothing productive at all. I feel bad about that.

Let's do a meme!

Saw this floating around on LJ somewheres...

Pick up the nearest book to you.
Turn to page 45.
The first sentence describes your sex life in 2012.

It smelled of stale air and shoe leather and my grandfather’s slightly sour cologne. -- Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Okay, so like what does that mean, exactly? Is it describing my partner-to-be, because it conjures up this image in my head...Moleman, and that's weird. Or is it describing said-partner's member? Just...NO.

Let's do another meme!

I saw this thing floating around on Tumbler that said...

"The cast of the last movie you saw vs The cast of the last TV show you saw - in a fight."

Okay, so the last movie I saw was some bad SyFy thing called "Storm Wars" with Stacy Keach and Jason London. Now the guy playing Jason's brother was pretty kickass, as well as science-chick and of course, Jason. Stacy Keach was the bad guy, but let's count him too.

Doesn't matter. The last TV show I watched was Hawaii Five-O, alright? No one beats that. I'm sorry, Jason, I love you in like a way that is weird and kind of inappropriate but there is no way you win in a fight against any of the H50 peeps. It hurts my heart to say it. Maybe if he'd had a better cast backing his play. /pets Jason's pretty head/

Now H5O was what I watched during breakfast. During dinner we watched two shows that I wouldn't necessarily say have a cast but for funsies, let's also say "Storm Wars vs The Daily Show". In which case, Storm Wars wins. I mean, Jon & Co are funnier than just about anyone, but they are not fighters, in any way, shape or form (except maybe Samantha Bee). (on a side note: Who saw Jon do the feeding bit with the chef guy last night? That is so wrong, Jon. Just...NO).

The other show I watched during dinner was Hoarders - (I know, it is not appropriate to watch whilst eating) - and I've got to say, in a "Storm Wars vs Hoarders" scenario, some of those hoarders will mess your shit up. Also, Matt Paxton doesn't take no crap from nobody. I'm not sure I want to bet against him.

Oh damn, now I want to see Matt Paxton and Jason London throw down. That would be so good for me.

So good for me.
Kate: Charles+Raven-here to hold youceitfianna on January 18th, 2012 02:56 am (UTC)
I know that feeling of not getting enough done. I had plans for today and then my body went, have cramps.

Though I did finish your drabble last night and post the little fluff fic so things will get done at some point.

I'm sorry Kevin's sick, people who rarely get sick don't seem to get sick in small ways. I hope he feels better soon.
dodger_sister: boreddodger_sister on January 20th, 2012 11:59 pm (UTC)
I literally just watched TV and dinked around on the internet all day. It was a total waste and I didn't even really enjoy it in that kind of lazy leisurely way.

Yeah, I had cramps too and that may have been part of it. I was saying to Kevin yesterday, "Well, my back is bothering me but it's possible it's because this is the time when I hate everyone." And he was like, "Okay, well get back to me if it still hurts in a few days when you don't hate everyone." lol

Oh yeah, the drabble, I keep meaning to point The BFF in its direction.

Kevin was back at work on Thursday but he didn't look very well. I swear he had lost weight in two days.
fragrantwoodsfragrantwoods on January 18th, 2012 02:56 am (UTC)
The cast of the last movie you saw vs The cast of the last TV show you saw - in a fight."
I did the book one a few days ago and I'm still disturbed...

Okay, I've got Jack Sparrow, etc. plus Blackbeard, Aw Swearengen's great-grandfather or something, vs. Chuck, Casey, and Sarah (and Morgan who may or may not have the intersect).

And then I go to Casey/Blackbeard slash and...what was the question again?

If Blackbeard had his vudu mojo working, that would maybe trump the Buy More gang. Because the nets and ropes would have the Chucksters and Casey all tied up in the rigging, and...now I feel dirty.

dodger_sister: jayne cobbdodger_sister on January 21st, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
And then I go to Casey/Blackbeard slash and...what was the question again?

OMGOMGOMG. And now my brain has gone to Jayne Cobb/Al Swearengen slash and omg.

Now I'm thinking about Firefly/Deadwood.


Oh, I am so happy now. SO HAPPY.

Wow though, I'm not sure who I would bet on in this scenerio - Pirates or Spies? Hmmm, I suppose it depends on the setting - modern day, the spies have the advantage but on the ship the pirates do. Straight up cage fighting, no weapons? I think I'd have to go with the spies but I am so biased in Casey's favor.

Casey all tied up in the rigging, and...now I feel dirty.

Like Jayne Cobb, I'll be in my bunk.
fragrantwoodsfragrantwoods on January 21st, 2012 04:12 am (UTC)
Jayne/Al would involve big, sharp knives. They're both all about blades, right? I'd read a fic that wasn't slash,but just had those two hanging out, driving Mal crazy.

But then, I'd read a fic that dropped Badger into the middle of the Gem Saloon, so it appears I'm not that picky.

dodger_sister: hello goodbyedodger_sister on January 21st, 2012 04:41 am (UTC)
lol I would think Jayne would get on better with Dan. They are both the silent heavies in their relationships (Jayne with Mal and Dan with Al). Jayne can go for a knife but he's cool with guns too. Or his fists. Whatever. The man just likes to fight. (I don't mind so much when he fights either).

But then, I'd read a fic that dropped Badger into the middle of the Gem Saloon, so it appears I'm not that picky.

Omg, that would be awesome. Badger and Al would either be bosom buddies or want to kill each other (or both!).
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on January 18th, 2012 03:01 am (UTC)
I have about forty books on the shelf right next to my right elbow. How can I fairly pick among them? They are literally the same distance away! Maybe the one on the top in the middle? Yeah, that'll work.

"Varian saw that fear on his ride home." --Leopard Lord by Alanna Moreland. I think this means that my husband will always know what I'm feeling. Yep. That's it. :)

Movie: Sherlock Holmes 2. TV Show: Raising Hope (it was on just now while I was doing schoolwork). The Sherlock cast wins, hands down. Despite Chloris Leachman, who probably knows all kinds of ways to fight dirty!
dodger_sister: boreddodger_sister on January 21st, 2012 04:00 am (UTC)
"Varian saw that fear on his ride home."

Yeah, I don't even want to take a stab at interpreting that.

You are the second person who answered their TV show as Raising Hope and once again, I say don't rule out Martha Plimpton, that girl is fierce. (I had such a crush on her when I was a kid, only partially because she dated River Phoenix, my giant childhooid crush). Definitely have to agree though because RDjr and Jude Law, plus Stephen Fry who I wouldn't rule out as scrappy, and even against Cloris and Martha and Garret, yeah - Sherlock Holmes.
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on January 21st, 2012 04:27 am (UTC)
Fraud Freud would probably have a field day with that quotation. :D

Do you watch Raising Hope? It freakin' ALWAYS makes me smile when I catch it - which I often do, since I watch Glee and then just leave the TV on Fox while I do schoolwork....

Garret. God, I LOVED him in the Terminator TV show. Almost as much as I loved Summer Glau. Shame that show got canceled....

Also, 750 words this evening on the SpXN thing. I rule like a mad ruling thing! :P

Edited at 2012-01-21 04:28 am (UTC)
dodger_sister: boreddodger_sister on January 24th, 2012 11:24 pm (UTC)
See this is the problem with Tivoing everything (ssshhh, Tivo I still love you) is that I miss that 'accidentally coming across the show that comes on next' thing. I have seen some Raising Hope because my cousin loves it so much and recced it to me, but I was late to the party. I wanted to catch up on it this past summer and start watching it regularly but Netlfix wasn't streaming it. They are now but only from my computer, not through my TV (idk why they do that sometimes).

I LOVED everything of RH that I saw though and I am kind of in love with Martha and Garret's characters.

I too loved Garret in Sarah Connor Chronicles! And Summer. And well, everyone really. I never got to see the final episodes though, like the last six or something. Garret was also in Deadwood as a loud mouthed douchenozzle and they loved him so much they asked him back to play a different character the next season!

Go you!! I finished the Firefly fic - 3,600 words!
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on January 25th, 2012 01:52 am (UTC)
There was a time when I watched Dancing with the Stars and other dance shows at the same time as a Canadian online frind, JUST so that we could chat about them as they unfolded. It was big fun!

I would hate to have been raised by Martha and Garrett. But I LOVE to watch them torture Jimmy! (Is it just me, or is he the most boring character of them all on that show? Even his Mary Sue crush is more interesting....)

WOW! *\o/* I can't wait to read it!
dodger_sister: boreddodger_sister on January 25th, 2012 02:33 am (UTC)
I love dance shows but the only one I watch regular is So You Think You Can Dance. The BFF moved in this summer and was upstairs one day while I was watching one of the very early episodes of the season and the next thing I knew she was all, "So, are we gonna watch your dance show today?" and seriously, it was like all we talked about, much to my sister's dismay. It soon became 'our dance show'. It's the most fun just when you can geek out with a friend.

Yeah, I do find Jimmy to be the least interesting character on RH. His Mary Sue crush is great, and I loved the chick who played the daycare provider that had a crush on him too.
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on January 25th, 2012 02:51 am (UTC)
Ah, yes, tooth-and-ukelele girl. I think she's responsible for the recent trend of commercials that have women singing to the product. Truvia in particular comes to mind.
dodger_sister: boreddodger_sister on January 25th, 2012 02:55 am (UTC)
She was on Scrubs for awhile as Ted-the-lawyer's girlfriend and she was awesome.
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on January 25th, 2012 02:57 am (UTC)
I missed her entire run on Scrubs. I bet she was a wonderful addition to the cast!

I must say, though, a combination daycare-senior care-dogsitting service is a great idea. Kudos to the writers of RH for that one.
dodger_sister: boreddodger_sister on January 25th, 2012 03:00 am (UTC)
I must say, though, a combination daycare-senior care-dogsitting service is a great idea.

Oh yeah, I would work at a place like that! I used to work in child care, my cousin works as a vet tech and my aunt works at a nurisng home - we could start a family business!
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on January 25th, 2012 03:02 am (UTC)
ranua: gumby'll eat youranua on January 18th, 2012 12:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, I hope Kevin feels better soon.

That is sort of creepy and not right descriptor of anyones sex life.

Does the SyFy channel ever show good movies? Although it's fun to play Canadian actor bingo with their programing. (you know, how many shows in a row have the same cast members. There are some days where you can get a bingo in only hours)
dodger_sister: superpretendnaturaldodger_sister on January 21st, 2012 04:04 am (UTC)
Kevin was back at work on Thursday, but he didn't look like he felt very good. He is a guy who doesn't usually show his age at all and he looked his age that day. (I swear he looked like he had lost weight).

I was a little creeped out by my book answer, yes. ;)

Does the SyFy channel ever show good movies?

No. Jason London has done a ton of these bad SyFy movies. They put clothes on his kid's back I guess, but they are so bad and I watch them all, because I love him that much.

Have you ever heard the story about Misha not realizing that SyFy dumbs their movies down on purpose?

Have you ever seen the fanvid for Canadian Actor Bingo? It was really well done. If you haven't, I can find you a link - it is highly amusing.
ranuaranua on January 22nd, 2012 03:48 pm (UTC)
I'm keeping Kevin in my thoughts. Our region has had a nasty stomach virus going round, hope it's not something like that.

They make those things like that on purpose? *boggles* tho that's better than on accident I suppose. At least their not incompetent. And no, I've not heard the story of Misha and the SyFy movies.

I've got some fuzzy memory of a vid like that. I probably saw it back in my Stargate days.
dodger_sister: superpretendnaturaldodger_sister on January 25th, 2012 02:48 am (UTC)
I plan on calling Kevin tomorrow, so I'll see how he is doing then but I sure hope he feels better by now. We have a nasty stomach thing going around these parts too, a bunch of my family has it.

Misha and Stonehenge Apocalypse - he told this story at the last con I was at. So, he gets asked to be the lead in a SyFy movie. He has never seen one, so he thinks this is a great honor, it's a lead role. He goes to a meeting and beforehand he meets a writer and is all, "Oh, so you wrote the script then?" and the writer says, "No, I'm the guy they give the script to afterwards, you know, to dumb it down." Misha of course is baffled and is all, "I'm sorry...What?" and then goes about finding out that being the lead in a SyFy movie is not necessarily the great career boost he thought it was. /pats his pretty head/

Found the Canadian Actor Bingo vid, if you are interested. It amuses me.
ranuaranua on January 26th, 2012 11:52 am (UTC)
lol, no Misha, SyFy is not where you wanna end up.

thank you for finding the vid! It is damn amusing :D