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Fic: Inside, Outside, Of My Head - X-Men, PG, Action, Drama, Gen, Xavier, Logan, Jean, Magneto +

So this is the story I wrote for The Nephew, based off his first fanfic prompt ever! It was a challenge because I was trying to write an actual fanfic as well as something suitable for a five year. I couldn't get Charles and Erik's voices to come across in a way that The Nephew could relate to. And then I realized that was the problem - I was thinking of them as Charles and Erik and The Nephew knows them as Professor X and Magneto. The first thing I did was stop reading X-Men: First Class fanfic for the time frame in which I was working on this story and tried to capture something similar to the early 90's cartoon voices.

The idea for this story came from The Nephew's awesome cool mind and both Jean and Wolverine's methods of 'takedown'...totally his idea. Thanks to baylorsr for the beta and a million thanks to liptonrm for the art.

Not set in any specific universe, as I just wanted to use various characters The Nephew knows and loves. Rated PG, Altered-Reality, Action, Drama, Gen with Xavier, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Magneto, Sabretooth, Mystique, Pyro & Nightcrawler and some Mild Violence and Bank Robbing. 1,743 words.

Summary: Magneto is at it again and Xavier must stop him, but as always that pesky helmet is in the way.

Title: Inside, Outside, Of My Head
Author: The Artful Dodger / dodger_sister
Fandom: X-Men (altered-reality)
Category: Altered-Reality, Action, Drama, Fic-For-Kids, Gen
Characters/Pairing: Xavier, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Magneto, Sabretooth, Mystique, Pyro & Nightcrawler
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild Violence and Bank Robbing.
Spoilers: None.
Summary: Magneto is at it again and Xavier must stop him, but as always that pesky helmet is in the way.
Word Count: 1,743 words.
Date Written: Dec, 2011
Disclaimer: The X-Men belong to Marvel Comics and Stan Lee. Not me. The idea for Jean and Xavier’s method of attack belongs to The Nephew. Not me. Art for this fic done by liptonrm and the images used in it are from X-Men: Evolution the series. Not me. This story belongs to me and makes me no money.Feedback: Bring it. dodger_sister /
Beta’d: Yep, by baylorsr. Thanks!!
Author's Notes: So one day I am on the phone with The Nephew talking about The X-Men (as we usually do) and he starts asking about Xavier mind-controlling people. I explained how he has to be careful when he does that, to use it wisely and not make people do things they don’t want to do. Then we talked about how Magneto blocks it with his helmet and The Nephew says, “You know, Jean Grey could just do that thing with her fingers were she makes stuff fly around and then his helmet would fly off and Xavier could Poof right inside Magneto’s head.” I said, “Wow, buddy. That’s a great idea. I’d never thought of that before,” and he says, “You never thought of that before? Well, I just thought of it right now actually.” Then after a whole separate conversation, he suddenly says, “You know, you could write me that story, if you wanted to,” and continues for several weeks to ask if I have, in fact, written that story yet - (I don’t even know, since he doesn’t know I write fanfic for fun or anything) - until I finally wrote it for him for Christmas. See, The Nephew is awesome!
Author’s Notes #2: Written for my 5 year old nephew, who loves The X-Men to distraction. It was the challenge of writing a children’s book and a fanfic in one. This isn’t really movie-verse, comic-verse or cartoon-verse. There are too many universes for The X-Men and if I had to pick one, this story would be set in the universe The Nephew makes up when we play action figures. If you were wondering.
Dedication: To The Nephew. If he were an X-Men, he’d be my favorite X-Men in the whole world…because he’s my favorite boy in the whole world.

Art done by the excellent and awesome liptonrm.
Images used from X-Men: Evolution the series.

“Be careful. Don’t drop it,” Professor Xavier said to Logan.

Wolverine just glared at him. “I won’t drop it,” he said and lifted the new TV up to the top of the mantle over the fireplace.

It was large flat-screen TV. The students at Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters had been begging for one for weeks.

Logan set about hooking up all the wires, while the professor said things like, “No, not that wire. The green wire!” or “You should just read the instructions.”

But Logan had been alive for a very long time and he had never read instructions on anything before. Finally the TV was hooked up and he flipped it on to the local station. A live news report came blaring out at them.

A woman reporter was standing in front of what looked like a bank and she had a very serious expression on her face.

“This reporter is in front of Trans-Merica Bank downtown, where a large creature has attacked the employees inside. The creature looked almost like a man crossed with a hairy sasquatch beast. Reports from those who fled the scene say that the creature-man was taking all the money from the bank.”

Then there was a police officer and he said, “We have confirmed. It is a mutant.”

“Sabretooth,” Wolverine growled and started to storm off towards the front door.

“Logan, wait,” Professor Xavier told him.

Someone else on the news was talking now. “That mutant is taking all our money,” the man on the TV was saying. “This kind of behavior is exactly why we believe these creatures are dangerous. This is exactly why we won’t let them attend our schools with our children!”

“Get Jean,” Xavier said. “We’re coming with you.”

“I can handle old Sabretooth on my own,” Logan told him.

“He’s not alone. Magneto is with him.”

Wolverine raised an eyebrow at him. “How do you know that?”

“Trust me, Logan,” Xavier said and tapped the side of his head with his forefinger. “I just know.”


“I’ll go talk to the police,” Xavier said when they arrived at the bank.

There were police cars all around and lots of police officers stopping people from going inside the bank.

“I’ll go around the back of the building and see if I can find a way in,” Wolverine said.

“I’ll go with you,” Jean told him.

Around back, there were only a few police officers. Jean put her fingers up to her head and concentrated. Suddenly all the garbage cans that lined the back alley were flying through the air.

“Hey, what’s that?” one of the police officers yelled and they all ran off to look at the flying garbage cans.

“Good work,” Logan told her. “Now we just need a way into the building.”

Up high there was a window, but Logan knew he could never jump that far.

Then he had an idea.

“How about that window?” he asked Jean.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Logan,” she said and rolled her eyes at him. “You could never jump that far.”

Logan just smiled and tapped at the side of Jean’s head. “But you can throw me,” he said with a wink.

Jean smiled back. “Just don’t let them see you,” she reminded him and pointed at the police officers, who were scurrying around cleaning up all the garbage that had fallen on the ground - because everyone knows leaving garbage laying around is littering and police officers never litter.

Jean put her fingers up next to her head and very slowly, Logan started to lift right up off the ground and towards the window.

“Just don’t drop me,” he said with a growl.

“Then stop interrupting me,” Jean snapped back.

Inch by inch, Logan was lifted into the air, like he had wings or something. And then the window was right in front of him. He opened it and pulled himself inside, grabbing a hold of a statue that he could easily climb down.

“I’ll take care of ol’ Sabretooth,” he yelled out to Jean. “You go help the professor.”

Jean nodded and slipped quickly away before the police noticed she was even there.


“What did the police say?” Jean asked when she found Xavier waiting near the car.

“They won’t let anyone inside. What happened out back?”

“Logan is in the building. He can handle Sabretooth but what about Magneto?”

Xavier pointed towards the front steps of the bank and standing there, in his purple cape and helmet, was Magneto.

“What’s he doing?” Jean asked, confused.

“Just standing there. I think he wants everyone to know that mutants are the ones doing this.”

“But, Professor,” she said, “that doesn’t make any sense. Why would he want people to know when mutants do bad things?”

“I don’t know,” Xavier said with a frown. “Because he is a very angry man and it makes me sad to see him act like this.”

Jean reached over and patted Professor Xavier’s shoulder, because she knew he and Magneto had once been the best of friends.

“Maybe you could talk to him?” she suggested.

Xavier shook his head. “He won’t listen to me.”

“Maybe you could talk to him inside his head,” she suggested.

Xavier shook his head. “I can’t get inside his head with that helmet he is wearing. It blocks me completely.”

Jean just smiled and tapped at the side of her own head. “I bet I can help,” she said with a wink.


They moved as close as they could to the bank, stopped when the police told them that getting any closer would be dangerous.

Magneto saw them and just smiled. He wasn’t worried at all that Xavier could do anything to him. He had his helmet on, after all.

Xavier sighed and nodded at Jean. She raised her hands in the air.

Magneto tilted his head at her, curious what she thought she could do. He raised his own hands, ready to send a car or two flying if she tried anything. But before he could do anything himself, Jean flicked her fingers and suddenly Magneto’s helmet went flying off.

He stood there in surprise. No one had ever tried that before.

And then, out of nowhere, he felt something inside his head, pushing at him. Magneto tried to flick his own fingers, tried to make a police car go flying at Jean, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t move his fingers.

“Ssshhh,” a voice inside his head said. “It’s alright, old friend.”

“Charles?” Magneto asked, but his voice didn’t work and he was only saying the words inside his own head.

“I’m sorry it had to be like this,” the voice said.

“Charles Xavier, you have found a way inside my head at last,” Magneto answered the voice. “Clever.”

Magneto tried to stay calm but he didn’t like this. He didn’t like Xavier inside his head controlling him.

“Why are you doing this?” Xavier asked.

Magneto tried to frown, but he still couldn’t even move. “I was just so angry,” he confessed to Xavier. “They passed this new law that mutants can’t go to regular schools.”

“I know,” Xavier said sadly. “People don’t understand mutants and they are usually afraid of what they don’t understand.”

“It made me angry. You see,” Magneto told him, “there is this boy I am caring for. His name is John. He and Mystique’s son, Kurt, are very good friends. All Kurt wants is to go to school and all John wants is to do everything Kurt does. And I can’t help them,” he went on, feeling his anger give way to sadness. “I so want to help them. I’ve let them down.”

“I too care for children,” Xavier reminded him. “I understand what it is like to not be able to give them everything they want.”

“I just got so angry.”

“Violence is never the answer,” Xavier told him.

“So you keep telling me, old friend,” Magneto replied.

But before they had a chance to go any further in their conversation inside Magneto’s head, a loud crash came from behind them.

Out of nowhere, Wolverine and Sabretooth came crashing through the front doors of the bank. They went rolling across the ground, grabbing onto each other, growling and tearing at one another.

“Stop!” Magneto cried and raised his hand, though of course it wasn’t him doing it but Xavier inside him.

Sabretooth came to a crashing halt on the step right below where Magneto was standing. Wolverine grabbed a hold and climbed right up Sabretooth’s back, his claws coming out.

Snick. Snick.

He pressed his claws against Sabretooth’s neck and growled low. “Hi there, bub.”

“Wolverine, stop!” Even though it was Magneto’s voice, somehow Wolverine knew it was really Professor Xavier talking to him.

“I don’t want to hurt other mutants,” Magneto said inside his head. “I am tired of this tantrum.”

“Then stop this.” Xavier told him.

“Very well,” Magneto said. “I will go peacefully to jail. If you do me one favor.”

Back by the police cars, still sitting in his wheelchair, Professor Charles Xavier smiled. “Anything, old friend.”


John kicked a rock on the ground and then looked up at Mystique. She was busy looking at Kurt and Kurt was busy looking up at the front doors to the school.

“Are you sure it’s okay to go to school here?” John asked again. He was eleven years old and he’d never been to school before. Kurt was a teenager and he’d never been to school before either.

“Yes,” Mystique said, “I am quite sure.”

“But Mr. Xavier is the reason Magneto is in jail,” John reminded her.

“No,” Kurt said, “Magneto is in jail because he made a bad choice.”

“And it’s Professor Xavier,” Mystique told him.

“And they’ll help me with my fire controlling?” John asked her.

“Yes,” she said.

“And other kids will be blue like Kurt?” he asked her.

“Yes, indeed,” a voice said and they all looked up to see Professor Charles Xavier sitting at the top of the school steps, looking down at them. “In fact, one of our teachers just so happens to be blue as well.”

Kurt smiled so John smiled too.

Professor Xavier smiled back.

After all, it wasn’t really a favor for Magneto, taking in these kids. Because helping mutants is what Charles Xavier does best.

“Welcome to Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters,” he said and he waved them inside.

The End
Tags: character - charles xavier, character - erik 'magneto' lehnsherr, character - jean grey, character - john 'pyro' allerdyce, character - kurt 'nightcrawler' wagner, character - logan aka wolverine, character - raven 'mystique' darkholme, character - victor 'sabretooth' creed, fandom - the x-men, fic - action, fic - altered reality, fic - drama, fic - fic-for-kids, fic - general, fiction - mine, rating - pg, the bff is my bestest best friend, the nephew, word count - 1001 to 3000, written - 2011

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  • 10 Years - Double Digits!

    *a wee late because the darn thing wouldn’t crosspost from Dreamwidth, but yes May 13, 2020: It is my Livejournal ten-year anniversary. Ten years!…

  • I’m On It!

    I’m so on it this year! Christmas shopping is done. Most of it has arrived & is already wrapped. Just waiting for the tree to go up the day after…

  • Favorite Night Of The...What, Snow?!

    Dismal Halloween this year. So cold, like 35F, windy af, wet. And then halfway through trick-or-treats, around 7, it started snowing. Ugh. Last year…