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How To Keep A Baby Unicorn Secret In A Non-Fantasy Based World.

The Nephew was sick the last few days. I called yesterday to see how he was feeling and he called me back today. He is feeling much better, though he keeps hacking up “gross stuff that my dad says I have to spit out.”

Anyways, we had a long conversation but let me just give you a glimpse in the middle of the whole thing. While talking about the cartoon show of "Dungeons & Dragons" from when I was a kid, that I recently purchased on DVD and introduced him too...

Me: When I was a kid, I was always worried what would happen to the baby unicorn if the kids made it back home. They kept saying, "We have to get home,” and I kept going, “But what about the unicorn?" They can't bring it with them back to our world,
TN: Maybe they could.
Me: Where could you keep a unicorn? Could I keep it in the garage?
TN: No!
Me: In the basement?
TN: No! Maybe you could keep it in a box or a tote? Then when other people go away, you could open it a little and talk to it.
Me: But then sometimes we'd have to take it out to the country so it could run around.
TN: You'd need a truck to drive it there.
Me: Good idea. And a trailer maybe, like for horses. Then we'd be driving down the road and some little kid would look out her car window and she'd just see the unicorn’s horn and she'd go, “Mommy, there's a unicorn," but her mom wouldn't believe her because she thinks unicorns aren't real.
TN: No, the unicorn would have to be in the tote in the trailer of the truck. Then no one could see it unless they opened it up.
Me: Like if we stopped at a McDonald's and someone asked if they could see our horse.
TN: We'd have to say, "No, you can't! Get away from there!"
Me: Or we could say it was a scary snake in there and they would run away.
TN: Or we could say it was a rhino and then they would just back away.
Me: And if they saw the horn...
TN: ...They would just think it was a rhino cuz they have horns too!
Me: And then we'd be like, "Ha! They don't know it is actually a unicorn."
TN: Except we'd have to whisper it so they didn't hear.
Me: If they heard, then we’d have to jump in the car and drive away real fast.
TN: But then we’d be speeding. What if we had a cheetah?

It went on like that for awhile. We ended up training our cheetah to snarl at people that were being mean to us, and then they pee their pants they are so scared and they have to go, “Excuse me, I have to use the bathroom right now,” (that was The Nephew with the polite people excusing themselves from the cheetah) and to race on the Nascar tracks with race cars, only our cheetah doesn’t know what it is suppose to do, so it just runs around and chases its own tail.

Conversations with my nephew - I love them.

We have also decided that I need to invest in the DVDs of "X-Men: Evolution" the cartoon and then this summer, I will loan him Evolution and he will loan me "Teen Titans". Sounds like a plan to me.
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