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Ficage In February.

Well, eleven days into the month and I am finally getting my word count up for February. I actually hit a pretty good count last month. Not quite as much as in January, but still well beyond my goal of 500 words a week.

Most of my words seemed to be Dean/Cas, but I also managed a little Firefly. And I wrote some Without A Trace fic for the first time in probably five years. I don’t even know where that came from or what just happened there. There is this image I have had in my head for years of Martin trudging up the stairs to his apartment and finding Danny sitting there, head bowed. I sat down to meet my word count and out of nowhere, the story for that image just wrote itself. After all this time, that was quite a nice surprise. I also wrote my first real Justified fic - (not counting that drabble I wrote last year and intended to flesh out but never did). Finding Raylan and Boyd’s voices took me a minute but I am really happy with how it came out.

Here is my approximate word count for the month.

February, 2012
Week One: 1,000 words of Dean/Cas AU.
Week Two: 2,700 words of Dean/Cas Valentine’s Day fic. Completed. (already posted!)
Week Three: 500 words of Dean/Cas Kissing fic. Completed.
Week Four: 950 words of Without A Trace Danny/Martin fic. Completed.
Week Four and a Half: 650 words of Justified fic. Completed.
500 words of Firefly Apocalypse fic.

6,300 words written in February!

Fics I posted in February of 2011...

Put A Ring On It:
Five marriage proposals for five different fandoms with five different pairings. Written for anyothergirl415 when we realized the absurd number of fandoms we have in common. Mike/Misha (the OTP I blame on her anyway), Josh/Sam (my first OTP ever), and three pairings I had never written before - Shawn/Gus, Spike/Xander and Elijah/Orlando. I think it’s rather sweet.

At The End Of A Brick Street:
Wherein Gabriel, of all people, is the one to help Dean bridge the divide between his old life and his new life. Written for menel’s birthday. I know we aren’t suppose to have favorites, but this one is definitely at the top of my list. It all started with the opening sentence - Downtown, at the end of a brick street, sat an old two-screen movie house.

Hookers and Blow (or W.M.L.):
Do you know what this means? It means it has been a whole year since The BFF graduated Law School! Boo Yay! The fic is utter crack wherein Dean gets Sam a hooker - Castiel - and blow for his law school graduation. Dean is adorable, nothing else matters.

I did sit down and write that Hunger Games fic that has been needling at me. I am unsure if it is any good or fits very well in canon, since it’s been awhile since I read the first book, but writing it was definitely a cathartic release that I desperately needed. And it’s Sunday today, which means I should be writing some Firefly Apocalypse fic, but I really just want to go read more Catching Fire. Decisions, decisions.
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