dodger_sister (dodger_sister) wrote,

A Public Service Announcement.

This week Hawaii Five-O and NCIS: LA are crossing over with each other. I am trying not to get too excited ahead of time because the last time they promoted a H5O/NCIS:LA crossover, it was a cheap rip off. Kensi was the only character who crossed over and she was only on the screen for about three minutes and even then, never with Kono. (Which, as you can tell, is kind of a fantasy of mine).

So, I am withholding judgment until I see.

But I wanted to make sure that you all knew this was happening. I know many of you only watch Hawaii Five-O and not NCIS: LA (and a few of you, the other way around). I figured you'd be mightily pissed if you DVR'ed one and then on like, say Saturday, sat down to watch it and realized you only got one part of the crossover.

So part one is on Hawaii Five-O tonight, Monday at ten on CBS.

And part two is on NCIS: LA tomorrow, Tuesday at nine on CBS.

This has been a public service announcement.
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