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Zombies Don’t Drive Cars, You Assholes!

The Zombies Are Here! Or more specifically, baylorsr has posted her Big Bang!! And it's about zombies!

Zombie Apocalypse Now!

Come on, people, you know you want it.

So, let's see - Sam, Dean and Castiel are trying to get to Bobby's house, cuz you know, Zombies. Sam can't believe he is stuck at the end of the world with these two idiots.

My Q & A: (non-spoilery, but containing some quotes)

1) Do you shoot it? - Damn straight you do!
It’s not a little boy. It’s a brain-eating zombie. Let the nice Winchester boys put it down.

2) Would the Amish be aware of the Zombie Apocalypse? - Maybe. In this case, not so much.

“None of our usual customers have come yet,” he said. “It’s Wednesday, and they know that’s when we’re out here.”

“Yeah,” Sam said. “Our world has been a little crazy lately.”

The couple gave him a look that said they thought their world was always a little crazy.

3) Will dirty hippies rule the world after the Apocalypse? - Yes, yes we will.

“Buddy, we’re not on bikes because we’re dirty hippies,” she said. “We’re not going anywhere near the main roads. Even if you could find a station, I doubt you’d find gas. Certainly not enough to keep that guzzler going.”

“I thought you weren’t dirty hippies,” Dean shouted, leaning over Sam and leering at the woman, who, Sam had to agree, looked good on her bike.

“Didn’t say I’m not green,” she said, giving Dean an appreciative look.

4) Chuck? Anything you want to share with the class? - No, not really.

“Good luck, guys.” He reached into the truck bed, pulled out a pack of toilet paper and handed it to Sam. “From me. I want you to have it. May the Force be with you.”

5) Is that a zombie? - Yes, yes it is.

“Dude,” Dean said, “is that a zombie?”

“I think so,” Sam said. “Huh.”

Sam went back to the Impala and returned with a stake, an ax, and the Colt. “What do you think?” he asked Dean, who was still staring into the grave in disbelief.

6) How has the world not exploded from the hotness of the Winchesters? - IDEK.

“Whaddya doing?” Dean asked, squinting at him over the gas handle.

Sam pulled the ax out and stalked back around to the side of the building. He could feel Dean staring after him and the clerk peering out the window.

He used the dull edge of the ax to whack the handle off, then slammed the door open. It crashed into the shape behind it, knocking it over.

It looked kind of like Bobby, Sam thought – checked shirt, trucker hat, beard. He brought the ax down with brutal efficiency before the zombie could get back on its feet.

“Dude,” Dean said over his shoulder, and then, “Dude!” from the clerk, behind Dean.

7) How is this not being made into a movie as we speak?! - I know, right?! It totally should be!

“All right!” Dean yelled, coming to a stop. “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition then! It’s the zombie apocalypse!”

Go. Read. Now. Also, don't forget to read the Appendix (my favorite part of all!). And there's a kick-freaking-ass soundtrack, a podfic (which is probably awesome, but I haven't listened to it yet) and the must un-fucking-believable artwork that was ever made, ever. Seriously. Don't forget to drop the artist, geckoholic, a line once you've seen it.

“See!” Dean groused at Sam with great umbrage. “Another fucking zombie!” Then he leaned over the headless corpse, plunked change into the machine, and retrieved his promised COLD COLA!

Sam just didn’t know how to express how bizarre his life was sometimes.
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