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Babies! And Jet-Skiing With Spock.

My brother and family have gone home. It wasn’t as exhausting as last time, in part because the kids are older now and because I walked away from everything else this week and just used my limited energy on family stuff. Also, I routinely slipped away during bathtimes and lunchtimes to read my book.

My book is The Unauthorized Biography Of The Cast Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. No, I am not kidding. They had a free-sale at my sister’s work, which is basically just bringing in things you no longer want and swapping them for other things. My sister brought me this book as a joke but I am actually reading it. I wanted something that it wouldn’t matter if I got interrupted in the middle of a chapter. I have only read Sarah and Nicky’s sections so far but wow, it sounds like Nicky Brendon had a crappy high school experience.

The Canadian-Nephew is a year old and he took awhile to warm up to me. On the day before they were set to leave, suddenly he was my best friend. I went in the living room and my mom, aunt and uncle were there and he was freaking out. As soon as he saw me, he was suddenly all smiles and laughter and hugs for me. He spent the next 24 hours compulsively giving me All The Hugs!

The Nephew is a redhead, like his dad. He has this fiery orange wisps of hair that stick up on his head. So my brother tells me how one day my niece, 2 ½, was watching a show about zoo animals or something and saw an orangutan. She starts pointing at the TV and yelling her brother’s name. Because she thinks he has orangutan hair! How cute is that?

My brother and his wife got me and my sister a new Wii game for our birthday (my sister’s birthday is in June). It is ‘Go Vacation’, which is a game where you are on an island resort and you can water ski, scuba dive, mountain bike, etc. It is pretty cool. I took my Dodger!Mii on vacation and she ran into my Spock!Mii and then Spock started following me around. We went jet-skiing together and then a woman took a picture of me and Spock on vacation together. I was on vacation with Spock! heehee Spock seemed really excited and kept jumping up and down. When I pointed how this was out-of-character for him, my brother was all, “How can you tell? We only ever see him at work, maybe this is what the real Spock is like,” and I said, “You mean, when he doesn’t have to deal with Jim Kirk, Spock is totally relaxed and fun?” Oh, yeah.

I have now learned more French words - I can say ‘bed’, ‘again’, ‘milk’, ‘juice’, ‘I love you’, ‘thank you’, ‘yes’ and ‘frog’.

They called today to say they had made it home safe. Then my niece got on the phone and said, “Hello, kitty kitty Pippin.” She doesn’t even miss me, just the kitty!

My plans for the weekend include birthday dinner on Saturday, catching up on comments, making another post similar to this one but about things that happened this week that do not have to do with my brother’s visit, watching the miniseries of Treasure Island that I taped with Elijah Wood in it and watching the return episode of So You Think You Can Dance. I am so excited my summer show is back! Dance auditions are not my favorite part of the show but I do like to see if I can pick out who the best dancers will be even as early as audition time.

In sum: Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and all that jazz! Proper replies are forthcoming, my lovelies. /kisses/
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