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Epic Project is Finished! (falls over dead...)


I'm done! It's finished! (Did you all miss me?)

Wait, Dodger, you were working on a project? Is that where you've been?

Here's the short story:

I started writing again, like a mad crazy person i.e. a lot, to distract from real life stress - I'll probably go into that next week sometime - but for now, we'll just say I needed a distraction and I got my writing juice flowing again, so writing seemed like a great option.

Also, baylorsr, for those of you who haven't guessed yet, is my sister - and liptonrm, is the RL BFF. Anyway, their birthdays are a few weeks apart. They made up some kick-ass original characters for Supernatural (I know, some of you are waiting for me to give you the link to that website, I will do that after I sleep for three days straight, promise). I thought it would be awesome to write them some fan-fic on their original characters for their birthdays (which were like a month ago, but I wasn't done yet!)

So, starting in January, I hid almost everything I was writing from them; original characters, regular characters, RPF, RPS, crossovers, mostly everything.

Today, I printed it all out and gave it to them. Six months of writing. Printed out. With a ridiculous cover to boot.

It went well. I got demands for sequels already. Though, there was one flailing at the underage sex fic and one flailing at the "omg, that story started right in the middle of the sex scene!". But I expected that. Everyone agrees, Tom Welling has perfect teeth.

one titled Vampire-Zombie-Angel,
the first SPN fic I ever wrote is about a bachelor auction,
Jared and Jensen discuss ass-babies,
Jensen/Chad that I wrote so long ago I forgot about it - see that casiedearestfic and tringic,
little kids wrestling in Bobby's yard,
Phoebe and Joey from Friends are hunters,
A Gilmore Girls fic wtf,
Skinner from The X-Files knows Bobby,
Dean takes a bubble bath,
14yr old Sam has a 23yr old boyfriend and idek wtf,
Dean and Charlie go to prison,
Dean and Sam go hunting with Santa Claus,
Ed and Harry fun,
Jensen gives Jason London a blowjob,
Wincest twincest priest-sex curse-sex porn,
Sam and Dean in outer space,
Firefly/SPN crossover starring Castiel,
Dean writes Glee fanfic,
and lastly 10,000 words of Jensen Ackles/Valarie Rae Miller het without even any porn - who the hell am I?

The total count:
(not counting the 5 years I spent in Lord of the Rings, The West Wing and Comic Book fandoms, because I haven't pulled those from the old computer yet)

The Count Is:

49 Fics in my Finished Folder

SPN & SPN Crossovers - 29
Other - 09

Fics Written in the Last 6 Months - 41

Total Word Count - 80,475 words

Word Count For the Last 6 Months - 71,801 words

Number of days I plan on sleeping now - 03 days

Fun I had doing this - Most-est Ever!

Also, HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY, PEOPLES! I go to sleep now dreaming of wee!Sammy dancing in fireworks.
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