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For My Detroit Players. Cowboy, Baby.

Now I shall talk about the Detroit Tigers, because we are coming back with a fiery vengeance.

Wow. So Quintin Berry has just come out of nowhere to quickly be one of my new favorite players on the Detroit Tigers. This kid is unbelievable. His hitting has barely even slowed down since he stepped up from the minors. His fielding is fast and smart and you gotta love his ability to just get banged around the way he does and still come up standing. (see the video below of his outstanding catch that stopped a homerun in Friday’s game). He also has some amazing speed on him and is quickly mastering the nuances of stealing base - It’s an art form, as my dad says. Thank goodness there is room in my heart for more than one man because Austin Jackson has some serious competition - Berry isn’t quite there yet though. He needs more age and experience on him and let’s face it, Jackson should have been on the AllStar team this year and the only thing that was stopping him was the fact that he was out for so long with that injury.

You know, I didn’t get to watch any games for about two weeks or so in May and when I came back, we had a lot of guys out with injuries. Jackson, Avila, Laird, Fister, some other people I can’t remember now but there were like two or three others. It was a wonder we did as good as we did there. I also liked Danny Worth, I thought he was doing a good job standing in at second base for awhile. And this season has also seen the shine of a new starting pitcher in Drew Smyly who has really stepped up. Nothing ever seems to rattle the boy out there.

So now we are in the start of the second half of the season and the Tigers are right in the middle of the American League standings, it looks like. The fucking Yankees are leading the league and the White Soxs are leading our division, but The Tigers have pulled ahead of Cleveland for the number two spot. In other good news, The Mets are not sucking this year. They just need to tap down Atlanta for the second place spot in their division. I know I don’t watch them anymore, but it is always nice to hear they are doing well. The Tigers just won their first series back after the AllStar break, up against Baltimore. Jackson just broke a 16 game hitting streak, but he only slowed down for that one game and then he was back starting out Sunday’s game with a homerun on the opening at bat. Also, apparently Saturday’s game went into extra innings, going to 13. I didn’t get to watch on Saturday but I turned it on in the 9th and it looked like Detroit had lost it, so I flipped away and missed out on what sounds like a killer game.

Here is that amazing catch Berry made in Friday’s game that stopped a homerun.

I wish I had a better video of it but watch him somersault and come up with the ball!

Also, finally, congrats to Prince Fielder for winning the homerun derby in the AllStar game!! (I seriously started to type “Cecil” Fielder instead. Lol) I will admit, Prince looks so much like his dad and he plays first base as well and even the way he hits the ball and the stances he takes look so similar to his father that I sometimes get dejavu. Cecil was my little brother’s favorite player growing up - he was why my brother always wanted to get to come in from the infield and try first base. I wonder if he still has all his cards - he had quite the collection of Cecil cards. At any rate, I get thrown back in time sometimes when I see Prince do something that reminds me so much of his dad.

That is all.
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