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My Other Boyfriend Will Also Smite You, Bitches

In the continuing saga of my love affair with Chuck Shurley - let us recap, shall we?

Dodger Sim lives in a lovely mansion with Karen Walker and has the lifetime goal of having ten boyfriends. Karen starts dating The Evil Djinn. Also, randomly, and for no reason that anyone can understand, Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino moves into the mansion with Karen and Dodger.

Then Dodger Sim starts dating Chuck Shurley. I squeed everywhere. I may have said that I hoped Dodger Sim didn't start dating anyone else, because I kind of loved the idea of Dodger+Chuck 4evah.

Then The Great God (my sister) of All World (name she has given her Sim game) went and put a crib in the house. I wasn't sure Chuck and I were ready, but I picked out names anyways, just in case. Everyone kind of hoped Karen would have a baby with Djinn, because he is blue and maybe the baby would be blue too.

Then Dodger Sim kept inviting Chuck over to the house. But being Chuck, he was very unmotivated to put on his pants and come over. Eventually, Dodger got bored and went in search of something to do. Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino was home at the time and...

Oh, Chuck, I am so sorry. You had to know how easily amused I am by the shiny things in this world. Please, forgive me.

Dodger Sim totally started making out with Pellegrino. Then we had sex. Then we started dating.

Now...we have a child!

OMG, I had a baby with Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino! Does this mean my child will grow up to be evil as well? Well, at the least, he will grow up to be a dick because we named him...Michael. That's right, Michael.

And yet, I am still dating Chuck. Since I'm not in an exclusive relationship with him anymore, let's just go right for it and get on that lifetime goal of having ten boyfriends.

Who else is available?

Charles Gunn is dating Dawn Summers, so he's out.
Richard Speight Jr is dating/living with/and having children with Misha Collins (They named their boys Raphael and Gabriel, so I guess Chuck and I won't be naming any of our yet-to-be-born children Gabriel, screw you Speight-Collins Family!)
Rob Benedict and Sam Winchester have been happily living together for years and have a beautiful daughter.

I could date Dean. He was engaged to Joyce Summers, but she died. He stood in the middle of his and Sam and Rob's living room for days and just cried. Eventually Sam and Rob had to go back to work, so Dean became their manny and taking care of the baby seems to have helped. He's doing better. Maybe he's ready to start dating again.

Castiel was madly in love with Adrianne Palicki, but she kept rejecting him. So he gave up and started dating Traci Dinwiddie and they are adorable together. They like to cuddle on the couch. Adrianne is dating no one now, and she just sits at home on the couch and it says she is sad and heart-broken. Guess she should have loved Cas when she had the chance. But anyway, Cas is out.

If anyone could get Spike to come out of his trailer, I could totally date Spike.
And Kreepy Krusty Klown was totally my favorite boyfriend in Sims 2 and he's lonely now that the Speight-Collins Family no longer lives with him, maybe I can date him.
Xander is married to Anya, they have a ridiculously bald-headed toddler, who kind of creeps me out.
I wouldn't mind dating Julie McNiven, I think she's single.

As long as I don't date a Twilight, because they eat their house-guests and their children. They've had three children. The first one disappeared mysteriously and the game shows it was never in existence. The other two are listed as dead. One day, they are in the crib, the next, they are dead. The Twilights eat people. Please, I don't want to date Edward, for so many reasons, really.

Also, Karen Walker did have a baby with The Evil Djinn, but sadly, it did not come out blue. It's just a regular boring old baby.

I hope my next child is a girl and I name it Anna. I hope Chuck is the father, but either way, we all know Michael needs a sibling to keep him in check, so Chuck or Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino, please get on that.

Make with the sexy times. I want a daughter. (hey, Chuck, you don't have to put on pants for this part of the evening!)

And I am totally hand-waving that Mark Pellegrino isn't actually Lucifer, because he's Evil Councilman Mark Pellegrino, which clearly means he can smite you, bitches. Yet, once again, not any of you, because I love you all.

In sum: Mark Pellegrino wears red bikini brief underwear.
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