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Like Seeing Him On Another Girl's Arm.

UGH EVERYTHING. The Tigers just let my very favorite player, Don Kelly, go.

I know he wasn't having the strongest year but he wasn't sucking it up horribly and anyways, whatever happened to loyalty? I am loyal to the team - can't they be loyal to their players? I know, I know, it's a business, The players just want to play ball and the owner‘s just want to make money. But I get attached, okay. Kelly was a great utility player - he could play anywhere you put him. And yeah, okay, he was super cute too. Totally my type. But whatever, that's not my point.

They keep saying how Kelly was "designated for assignment" and how he had been "designated" and I was like, "Say the truth! He was let go. He was fired! Stop saying designated for assignment!" ERGH. When I missed a few weeks of games while my brother was visiting, I came back to find Brandon Inge was gone. I liked that kid. But then he turned around and hit not one, but two grand slam homeruns in the first like week with a new team and one of those grand slams was against the Tigers themselves. And I felt very triumphant and a little vindictive about it - like that's what the Tigers get for not being loyal. And I know that sounds insane, but I like my boys!

To explain how this feels to non-baseball fans - remember how when Castiel came along on Supernatural and there were some people who were like, "No new regulars! What is this shit? We don't want new faces, we just want our boys." And then when Castiel left the show (kind of), how there were people - /raises hand/- who were like, "What? But I love him! He can't go!" Imagine it is like that, only there is a drastic cast change like ten times a season. Blows, dudes.

Anyways, I just can't stand the thought of seeing Don in a uniform that isn't Detroit.

I had much more to complain about - (stupid Awesome Time of Month has come at a bad time!) - but I also have a writing dilemma, so let’s skip ahead. Okay, so I wrote this dark wincest drabble about two years ago. It is like 150 words so I shouldn’t be stressing such a short fic so much, but since it is darker than anything I have ever posted, I am. I wrote a couple of really dark Grima fics back in my LotR days but in general, I don’t do ‘dark fic’. Recently though I have tried my hand at a few more and so I went back and did some rewrites on the drabble thing too. I think it is better now with the changes, darker now, but it feels like cheating. Like, it isn’t the actual story I wrote anymore and that feels wrong to me somehow. I can’t decide if I should post it in its original form or if I should post the rewritten version. Have any of you ever taken something you wrote a long time back and done rewrites years after? Which version should I post?

Poll #1858446 Writing Is Hard, Yo.

Which version of my fic should I post?

Post the original! Don't cheat us out of it.
Post the rewrite! You won't get arrested.
Post your Leverage fic! Who cares about stupid dark fic anyway.

Thanks and goodnight!
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