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10 August 2012 @ 11:06 pm
Monogamous Dreamer. Except For Steve, He Doesn't Count.  
I keep having dreams about Christian Kane. I mean, I like the guy, yeah, sure. But where are my dreams about Jeffrey Dean Morgan every once in awhile? I know recently it has been because I watch an ep of Leverage right before bed every night, but I also keep dreaming about Steve Carlson too and I am not watching him on TV right before so Idek. Maybe I just associate Christian and Steve as joined-at-the-hip, so if I am thinking about one, the other works his way into my dream. Actually a few weeks ago I dreamed I was making out with Steve, but I was sitting on a big bed in between Christian and Steve. While Steve and I were making out, Christian sat there and like, text messaged on his phone or played Angry Birds or whatever. I woke up and decided to go with the theory that I was going to have a threesome if I had just stayed asleep for longer.

Anyways, last night I started out dreaming that I was renting a large room in Christian’s Mama’s house. (Yep, we both referred to her as ’Mama’ in the dream). Christian was like my BFF so I invited him over for dinner and he brought not one, but three skanky groupies to dinner. To which I, of course, was like, “I invite you over and you bring your fucking skanks with you!” I am amused at how I kept obsessing about their skank clothes because let’s face it, I would totally wear clothes just like that. Anyways, halfway through dinner I got up and ran into the bathroom, slammed the door and started throwing up. One of the groupies said, in a total valley-girl voice, “Omg, is she pregnant?” Christian jumps up from the table and starts pounding on the door, yelling at me to open up. I am all, “I am busy in here,” and continued vomiting. So he busts in the bathroom and starts yelling at me, “Are you pregnant?! How are you pregnant?! Why didn’t I know you were pregnant?!”

Then the dream switched up and we were at some park event with his whole family. I had twin newborn boys in a stroller - clearly I had been pregnant. Somehow I knew they weren’t Christian’s but that he had been helping me raise them. I told the group to go on ahead, that me and the babies would catch up. They do and then I start writing Christian this note about how I have to leave him, have to go be with the baby-daddy, even though somehow I knew he was a bad man. One of Chris’ nieces comes back while I am writing this, sees it and starts shouting for Christian. That thing happened where a part of the dream reruns over and over and I kept trying to change it, but he always caught me. We had this screaming fight where he declared those were his kids goddammit, no matter blood, and he loved me for fuck’s sake and I wasn’t bailing on him! I couldn’t tell him that the baby-daddy had threatened him, threatened to take the kids away with all his money and power - I was worried Christian would kill the man. I started crying in my dream and then I woke up.

Then I went back to sleep and dreamed I was being held in some sort of medical testing facility with my little brother and a friend of ours. We were trying to escape and it was all very exciting - (and a little weird since at first we were trying to get away in a motorized bed that drove like a car, idek) - and then we find all these other people being held there and we try to help them. We all get into an elevator and I look around and see Danny Taylor from Without A Trace. I am all, “Omg, Danny Taylor! You’re here!” and he is all, “You knew I would come rescue you, right? I’d never leave you here, babe.” And then I saw Billy Boyd in the elevator too, only he was wearing the uniform of the facility, so I knew he worked there. I said, “Billy Boyd! What are you doing here?” and he said, “What do you think?” I answered, “They killed Dominic Monaghan. (Why I kept using everyone’s last names, idk). Oh no, they killed Dom!” Billy looked so sad , you guys. I guess he decided to turn against the facility people after they killed Dom. Casey Connor from The Faculty was there only he was like 14. He was totally skinny, pale and sick looking and his hair was sticking up all over and I knew they had done bad experiments on him in that place. (I blame Birthright for this version of Casey in my head).

Then Eliot Spencer was there too and when we got out of the elevator into a parking garage, all these guys with automatic weapons showed up. They were gonna kill us all and Eliot looked at me and then he looked at Danny Taylor. They nodded at each other and I knew they were going to fight off these guys to save everyone and get killed in the process. Then for some reason Eliot kissed me goodbye, you know, before he died.

(I am not objecting, I’m just saying, for once I would have liked to make-out with Danny Taylor, okay. How sad is it that I have gotten bored with making out with the same dream-person over and over?)

Eliot yelled for us to hit the ground and all the ‘civilians’ threw themselves on the floor and there was all this fighting and gunfire and Eliot’s hair flying everywhere, as it does. After that we started walking. We walked through the night and day and night again, across the grass and pavement and hiding in sheds and holes. We were all tired and didn’t have enough food and our feet hurt, but the bad people were still searching for us, so we had to go on. Danny was there and Casey, my brother and our friend, but I never saw Eliot or Billy again. I guess they died. Anyways, we were hiding in someone’s backyard in a tool shed, all crammed in with like a dozen people all sweaty and tired when I woke up.

My brain, ladies and gentlemen. I kind of love it.
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on August 11th, 2012 02:06 pm (UTC)
Those were some very interesting and detailed and wacky dreams. Who knew you were near-as-makes-no-difference married to Christian Kane in your subconscious? Or that his chaotic sorta-good twin Eliot would die for you?

Alas, like Robert Downey, Jr., the pretty Mr. Kane is also small enough to put in my pocket and carry around with me.

WAIT! No, he's not. Quite. He's five ten, an average dude-height. I never thought of him as being that average in height, perhaps because I saw him for aaaaaages on Angel and that was a pretty tall cast, in general. He looked like a delicate little man in a suit on that show (until season 5 when he was PUMPED.) Hm. Who knew? (Well, IMDb, apparently, but not me.) Heh. Funny what your head will decide about someone.

And I wonder why I prefer to fantasize about giants? (Oh, Jared. So pretty.)
dodger_sister: christian kanedodger_sister on August 14th, 2012 07:24 pm (UTC)
My dreams are always pretty detailed but this was especially so, that I could remember it all when I woke up.

Who knew you were near-as-makes-no-difference married to Christian Kane in your subconscious? Or that his chaotic sorta-good twin Eliot would die for you?

OH. Well, when you put it like that, it doesn't sound so bad. ;) I just can't believe in a dream with all those other hot guys, I still made out with Eliot! It hasn't stopped either - all of my dreams since this post that weren't about cleaning my room or trying to get to the store, were about Christian-Eliot. /shakes head/

WAIT! No, he's not. Quite. He's five ten, an average dude-height.

Christian is always standing next to super tall people - David Boreanaz, Steve Carlson, Aldis Hodge - plus the broad shoulders make him seem kind of 'square' which makes him seem even shorter. 5'10 is a normal man height but not when you are in Hollywood - for some reason in Hollywood, 6ft is considered short.

until season 5 when he was PUMPED.)

In season five of Angel, we stopped referring to him as Lindsey McDonald and instead just started calling his character 'Shirtless Christian Kane'. - "Oh wait, Angel is going to get in a fight with Shirtless Christian Kane." Now my sister refuses to call Christian anything else.

And I wonder why I prefer to fantasize about giants? (Oh, Jared. So pretty.)

Omg, Jared is so tall. Of course, I am shy of 5 feet, so everyone is tall to me. So when I say I can climb Adam Baldwin like a tree, I literally mean it! Jared works too!
Ironlily - Making My Marquevikingprincess on August 15th, 2012 01:49 am (UTC)
Darned right it doesn't sound bad! Christian is both hot and talented. Having two of him could only be twice as awesome.

I could wear my SUPA high heels with Jared and still just be eye to eye... or perhaps an inch taller! Mmmmm, tall.

Of course, The Awesome Husband (TM) is one inch shorter than me, so obviously height's not a deal-breaker.