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The Falling Dead.

I would actually watch a show called "The Falling Dead".

Recently FanGirl Central did a rewatch of S1 of The Walking Dead. I had forgotten some things, but mainly how very short the season was. Seriously, you guys, it felt like at least a 14 episode run because so much happens in the first season. I know the first time through I liked Lori jut fine but this time it was hard to listen to anything she had to say without just wanting her to go away already. Also, watching the slow transition of ‘kind of kick-ass Andrea’ into ‘motherfucking kickass Andrea’ was very interesting to do. There was one thing though that The BFF said so nonchalantly, like it was so matter-of-fact as if everybody had figured this out already and yet it was something that I had never even thought of.

She suggested that Merle was in fact the one that stole their van after they came back for him (which I always thought as well). But she also suggested that Merle was the one that sicked those zombies on their camp, the ones that killed so many of their people. She just says, all matter-of-fact like, “Yep, Merle took their van, just loaded those zombies right in there and headed off to dump them.” And my sister and I were like, “Uh…what are you on about?” She contends that he loaded the back of that van with zombies and drove up to the camp site, then detached all their alarm systems - which explains why none of their tin-cans and whatnot made any noise prior to the attack - and then just let the zombies loose and drove off. I had never thought of that. My sister had never thought of that. Are we just dumbasses or is The BFF super-duper smart?

Cuz seriously. Mind. Blown.

Now Falling Skies, because OMG. OMG, THIS WEEK’S EPISODE!! It was SO exciting! I think I need to be more coherent though and I have things to say about the season as a whole, so let’s start there.

The 2nd Mass is being much smarter this year than they were last year. It was my biggest complaint when watching last year, the need to go in and ‘fix-it’ all. You know how when you are watching a movie where someone is being chased by ‘men in black’ and you think, “Okay, drop your phones because they can be traced, change your appearance, don’t go in anywhere that has security cameras because they are probably tapped into all of those…” but the people on the TV never listen to you? Yeah, that was watching first season of Falling Skies.

Since Terry O’Quinn popped up in this last episode, it is suddenly on my mind how much it reminds of me of the first season of Lost. Which was, of course, the best season of Lost, imo but still had that feeling of ‘waiting to be rescued’ that made them all do stupid things. I know for the first couple of days on the island they really all did think someone would be coming and they just had to wait it out - much like on Falling Skies how they assumed the military would prevail over the aliens any second now. It’s that faith that everything will be fine more than it is burying their heads in the sand. But you reach a point pretty quick where you have to start long-term thinking. On Lost, even if your reasoning is, “Yes, they will rescue us, but it may take a week or two and we need to think like it may even take them months”. Because if the rescue shows up the next day, you’ve lost nothing but if they don’t show up at all, well then you were prepared. Did we learn nothing from Gilligan, people? There may be a hotel on the other side of the island!

The Falling Skies people needed to look at the bigger picture - their argument always being that they were just trying to survive day-to-day here, but day-to-day in an alien invasion is not good enough. In an alien invasion, my plan is to think like I am in a long-running TV show and plan appropriately as such. But in second season they have gotten a lot better about it. A lot. I mean, yes, last week there was still a thing where Matt was running around telling people things he shouldn’t have been and no none was paying attention to him but’s not like when on The Walking Dead they let Carl run around poking zombies with a stick and then go, “Uh…where’s Carl?”

Second season of Falling Skies has been far more exciting, far less frustrating and just far better on a whole. If you are one of the people who tuned in last season and decide to forgo it this season - you should see about checking it out.
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