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15 August 2012 @ 12:24 am
My Squee Cannot Be Contained!!!  
You guys, you guys, OMG, OMG, OMG YOU GUYS!!!!

My squee level was already pretty high after The BFF sent me the new Red Dawn trailer - (more on that in a minute) - but I just read that Enrique Murciano will be on the new 666 Park Avenue this fall!! MY BOY, BACK ON TV!!!! I know, I know, he had a thing on NCIS, but this will be like an almost-regular thing. 666 Park Avenue is not a show I had planned on watching, as much I enjoy me some Terry O'Quinn - it just didn't spark anything in me when I read the synopsis. But it didn't sound awful or anything. In fact, it kind of sounds like a supernatural version of Melrose’s Place, being that it is an apartment building full of people who have made deals with the devil. Oh wait, that sounds exactly like Melrose’s Place. So I was kind of 'maybe, maybe not' on watching it, but now...OH YEAH, BABY!!! And he is going to be PLAYING A DOCTOR and it sounds like there will be SEXYTIMES and okay…I know it is stupid, but I actually have tears of total happiness in my eyes right now. My boy.

For those of you that are like, "Who? What now?"…here is a pic of my boy.
Enrique - face sexy
See, see why I am excited?! Watch 666 Park Avenue this fall so we can talk about how hot my boy is, okay? Cool.

Okay, I'll cut for space because I can see how much this is taking up on your Flists - (new stupid LJ album, I can't figure out how to make the picture of Enrique smaller) - but RED DAWN WHOO-YAY under the cut...

OMG, RED DAWN FINALLY HAS A RELEASE DATE!! THANKSGIVING, BABY!! This is a remake of the bad yet classic 80s movie starring Patrick Swayze and well, everyone else - (seriously, go to imdb.com and look at the cast listing, it is packed with 80s peeps). The original made very little sense, plot wise and like logically but it had hot teenagers and a fallen pilot living in the woods all dirty and hot and saving the world, so teens of the 80s didn't give a shit about plot. The remake looks to have at least some coherency; secret weapons, proper enemies, whatnot, but more importantly - JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN WITH FACIAL HAIR AND SEX VOICE AND OMG!!! Also, Chris Hemsworth (it doesn't matter how many movies I see him in, I will never not be startled by how fucking blue his eyes are), Josh Hutcherson (aaawww, all pre-Hunger Games and shit even, since this filmed like five fucking years ago, I am not even kidding about how damn long I have been waiting for this movie to come out - see my tag!), Adrianne Palicki (um, yeah, in the original the character she plays and the character of the downed pilot which will now be played by JDM - totally get it on!!) and Edwin Hodge (yes, I said Hodge - if you've ever seen him in anything, his voice sounds just like his brother's, it's unmistakable).


Also, filmed in Detroit - REPRESENT, BITCHES!! Jeffrey Dean Morgan was like actually in my state, yo!

Um, I need to go to sleep now. I get foul-mouthed and crazed when I am excited. This was too much...I feel like a toddler crashing from a sugar high after a Wiggles concert.
Miss. Brie: [TV] NCIS - group showeranyothergirl415 on August 15th, 2012 04:43 am (UTC)
DUDE I KNOW!! He is the MAIN reason I added that show to my lineup!! I am so very excited to see him back on TV. I have missed him very much!! ♥♥

BTW! Have you heard of the movie Hit and Run? I am assuming so because the awesomeness that is Michael Rosenbaum is in it. It comes out soon and I am very very excited to see it. I just hope it comes to theatres near me!
dodger_sister: enrique murcianododger_sister on August 21st, 2012 12:34 am (UTC)
Wait...did I know you were an Enrique Murciano fan?! DID I? (did we discuss that the night we realized we were fandom-twins?) Did you watch Without A Trace? Omg, will there actually be someone on my Flist who will read my WaT fic? Did you know I have several pics of Enrique up in my bedroom? And multiple fanmixes for Danny and Martin? And...and...I love him, I love him.

It has been a long dry spell without Enrique on TV. I loved him as Danny Taylor (my tv-boyfriend!) but I think I fell for him as himself when I read an interview with him where he said he both likes to dance around his apartment to 80s music and then proceeded to talk about his dead dog and how much he loved her. <3s to infinity.

I had heard of Hit & Run but I didn't realize Michael was in it! Really? I have seen many commericals and I did not realize that. I think maybe I haven't paid attention because it starts and I see that Daks guy and I stop paying attention. But whoot...Michael!! If you see it, let me know how big his part in it is (I hope it is like prominent so we can see lots of him!!). In the meantime, I console myself by watching Urban Legend for the 127th time.

In other Michael news, The BFF (who pays next to no attention to Rosenbaum except for how she listens to me ramble on about him and then when his name pops up on the internet, emails me whatever she has found) called me today from work. I was quite worried because she never calls from work and I thought something must be wrong. No, no, instead she says, "Hey, isn't James Gunn the dude that is Michael Rosenbaum's bff?" (omg, she does listen to me when I am talking my crazy-talk of fangirl squee!) Apparently James is tapped to direct the new Marvel movie - Guardians of the Galaxy. "I just thought I'd call you and tell you because who knows, he might give his bestie a role in that and I knew you'd want to know." Awww, she loves me.

Miss. Brie: [MIKE] student glassesanyothergirl415 on August 21st, 2012 12:47 am (UTC)
DUDE! My mom and I have been watching Without a Trace since it first premiered!! We still watching reruns allllllll the time on ION! WOO! I don't think you and I had covered this in the "we're fandom-twins" convo but I am not so surprised that we have this in common! YESSSSSS. I have pictures of Enrique Murciano in my "Boys I'd Totally Do" folder :D

You know, I've never even thought of slashing Danny and Martin but god it makes so much sense. Do you watch Suits? When Eric Close popped up I was like MARTIIIIIIINNNNNNNN. I am so excited for Enrique in basically a leading role it kind of hurts.

So yes, I believe Dax Shepard is actually good friends with Sir Rosenbaum-the-awesome. I would be very happy if he were to randomly appear in a super hero like movie, I need him in ALL THE MOVIES!!!!!!

Have you watch Ghild btw??? LOOOOOVE!

P.S. - I forgot to say, I would totally read any Danny/Martin you may happen to point me toward!

Edited at 2012-08-21 12:48 am (UTC)
dodger_sister: oral fixationdodger_sister on August 28th, 2012 08:08 pm (UTC)
You know, I've never even thought of slashing Danny and Martin but god it makes so much sense.

It makes SO much sense. Their chemistry is amazing (of course Enrique could have chemistry with a cow but whatever). It started as like the way Danny teased Martin when he was 'the new guy' and then I started to notice (and apparently fandom did to because this was something they loved) that whenever they were at a desk together they would be really close to each other and always leaning over one another, in a way that they never did with anyone else. It's just...then they became like BFFs and clearly they were in love. Just...clearly. You don't even know, like, okay...I wasn't that active in the fandom because it was when I was sick with my liver, but it is ALL I talked about - Danny/Martin and how much they love eash other (much to my sister's despair). But even she, just by walking through the room while it was on or by me randomly showing her clips from the night before's episode, couldn't believe how much Boyfriends they were.

I missed Eric on Suits! I don't watch it but I saw he was on it and then I forgot to record it. But both Eric and Enrique are in my Tivo lineup, so I get all kinds of crazy things with them in it. Did you watch Chaos when it was on? The tv show where Martin Eric was a CIA agent? I loved that show - I can't believe it got canceled so quickly.

Rosenbaum - Defenders of the Galaxy seems to be some bizarre super-hero team. One of them is named 'Rocket Racoon', idk. But just knowing James Gunn will be directing it gives me hope Rosenbaum might pop up in it. And oh yeah, now that you mention it, I think I have seen Dax Shepard around on Rosenbaum's twitter (back when I read it) so Idk why I am surprised he is in Hit & Run. ;)

Have you watch Ghild btw??? LOOOOOVE!

Wait...is that the web-series with Felcia Day? The BFF was watching it too and loved it. I guess I need to get on that. I need to be watching more web-series it seems.

Danny/Martin recs to follow, because apparently I went over the character-limit. Boo.
Miss. Brie: [MIKE] is supermananyothergirl415 on August 28th, 2012 08:31 pm (UTC)
Longer comment on the next one but I had to clarify. Ghild is a movie with Michael Rosenbaum. Sir Rosenbaum helped write it and everything! ♥ It's adorable and weird and pretty out there but I love it!
dodger_sister: michael rosenbaumdodger_sister on November 9th, 2012 03:16 am (UTC)
DUDE. I finally got around to watching 'Ghild'. OMG. This was amazing. First, the boy who played the dad was spectacular. It had to have been challenging playing the adult to Rosenbaum's child and he was just great - (Idk why I am surprised, that kid was awesome as wee James T. Kirk in the Star Trek movie too). Second, okay, when it started I thought during the dinner scene, "Okay, this is just going to be Rosenbaum zany antics." But it WASN'T. It was actually terribly sad for a minute there and then it was kind of sweet at the end, with the interaction between the dad and the son. And his happy!face when the other kids play with him! And his insistence that his 'doodles' are his friends. And that he loves Mailman Larry! How did Rosenbaum get his face to look so child-like? Also, I will never be able to see Harland Williams in anything again without hearing him say, "like a bag of onion rings twirling in the night," again. lol

Thanks so much for the link to this!!!!
dodger_sister: dannymartindodger_sister on August 28th, 2012 08:10 pm (UTC)
See my icon!! They love each other, okay!

P.S. - I forgot to say, I would totally read any Danny/Martin you may happen to point me toward!

AHAHAHAHA I have found you ALL THE THINGS! I lost all my WaT fanfic links when my old computer crashed and then dannyandmartin.com went down and all I have is the one story saved in my files and a disc of vids. But I knew some titles of my favs and some authors, so I literally spent all day yesterday tracking things down for you (and me - I spent so much time rereading old favorites and finding new favorites and watching vids and BEST DAY EVER!!! Now I feel like breaking out my season one DVDs). I myself have also written some WaT fic so I will wave at you whenever I get around to posting any of it.

My favorite author and fanvidder - Neko.

Before you do anything else, I think you should watch her fanvid As Good As It Gets. It uses a lot of clips that will effectively convince you of the Danny/Martin. All of her stuff is good but if you only choose a couple to watch, I also reccomend Weakend, which is very well done and also has effective use of clips to tell a love story. And A Million Tears, which is my alltime favorite Danny/Martin vid ever and showcases that 'leaning into each other's space' thing I mentioned earlier.

As for her fanfic, when I went to the page two titles jumped out at me as ones I have read numerous times - A Game of Numbers and Paperclips. And for some good old fashioned pornage, try After Hours. But really, anything you read of hers will be good.

A fic I just discovered yesterday but highly rec wherein Martin gets pissy jealous about Danny's flirting. Here.

This is the only WaT fic I still have - saved on my computer in document form. I have read it so many times, it's sick. It has a lot of the fandom tropes I love, including 'undercover at a gay bar'. It is a really great look at their relationship as it goes from flirting to more. It is ten chapters though, so be prepared to put some time into it. If you have the time to invest in this one, I rec you start with it.

Fanvids - This is my favorite fanvid centering around the season four storyline of Martin's addiction and how it affects their relationship/friendship. Has lots of great angsty fighting clips as well! Too Late To Apologize.

Okay normally I pretend that nothing after season four ever happened. And I didn't really like Elena - some for legitimate reasons as a tv viewer and some for crazy jealous irrational reasons - but I am going to rec this vid anyways because it is SO well done. It has all the angst and pain and heartbreak that looks SO good on Martin. But in my head canon, Danny & Martin live happily ever after.

And this is a season four Martin vid I found yesterday and really liked. There is actually a brief second in this where they hold hands. Not kidding. I couldn't believe that! I don't remember that happening. It must have happened either in the last seaosn (which I didn't watch) or in the second-to-last season during which I was so stoned I don't remember much. Chasing Cars.

I can't tell you how ridiculously happy it has made me to revisit this old fandom. I feel all giddy inside now. And I maybe started writing some D/M porn last night, yes, I did. Don't tell The BFF I wasn't working on her fic. ;)
Miss. Brie: [TV] Buffy and the Scoobsanyothergirl415 on August 28th, 2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
WOO! Look at all the porn!! I am bookmarking this comment so I can pursue and enjoy. In all my free time... :D

I have this tendency to get into fandoms long after they are over. Sometimes it's better, you know not to get into WIPs, but then you read everything and you have nothing else to read! This happened to me lately with the Spike/Xander pairing haha I've watched the show a million times and never wanted to ship them until this most recent time. Go figure!

Hmmm. I randomly feel like writing C2 now...
dodger_sister: dannymartindodger_sister on September 11th, 2012 01:39 am (UTC)
I have this tendency to get into fandoms long after they are over. Sometimes it's better, you know not to get into WIPs, but then you read everything and you have nothing else to read!

Me too! I got into Firefly so late in the game, it was ridiculous. I was writing fic when everyone else had moved onto other things. I hate knowing that you are going to reach the end of the fandom and there will be nothing new coming. One of the good things about larger fandoms, like SPN or LotR, is that there will always people writing new things for them.

This happened to me lately with the Spike/Xander pairing haha I've watched the show a million times and never wanted to ship them until this most recent time. Go figure!

Really? Oh man, from the minute Chipped!Spike was living in Xander's basement - (when Xander was tying him up at night so he wouldn't kill him in his sleep) - I was all about it. Spike/Xander all the way. I never wrote it - (oddly I have written very little Buffy or Angel fic) - but I read a bunch of Spike/Xander fic. My two favorite characters - and that is all it takes for me to want them to be naked together. ;)

So wait...awhile back I wrote you that marriage proposal fic and one of the five pairings was Spike/Xander. Was that your first Spike/Xander fic? Did I break your cherry? DID I?!

Hmmm. I randomly feel like writing C2 now...

Awwww, cuz it's your safe space. That's sweet. About a month ago I started writing a Christian/Jensen fic and my bff was all, "Wow, that's old school, girl."
Miss. Brie: [TV] Spike - talk to the handanyothergirl415 on September 11th, 2012 02:19 am (UTC)
You know what? You totally did pop my Spike/Xander cherry! HAHA that is so fabulous. I've read a bit since them, not a lot but some.

Do you watch The Voice? Man I ship Blake/Adam hardcore. I even wrote fic for them which I haven't written fic out of SPN fandom (minus C2 and M2) for ages! I keep thinking I'll branch out and write something different from my norm so I don't fall into the same ol' stuff but I can't find a pairing that calls to me as much as J2/Wincest/C2 :D

Wow, random tangent about pairings and my writing haha
dodger_sister: spike the vampiredodger_sister on September 11th, 2012 08:41 pm (UTC)
You totally did pop my Spike/Xander cherry! HAHA that is so fabulous.


I don't watch The Voice. I would probably like it for the BoyLove that I hear about everywhere but singing-shows are so bad for me. I don't know enough about music and I am just kind of tone-deaf when it comes to singing. Idk, I tried that acappela group show and I got frustrated because everyone I liked the best ended up being the ones that got cut and I think I just couldn't tell enough who was good and who wasn't. But dugindeep is on my Flist and she talks about The Voice all the time and Blake/Adam and just from the vid clips and gifs she puts up, I am sold on their love. I actually saw Blake on a talk show one night and the way he went on about Adam just had me giggling, because I know people out there are writing porn about them! I saw your fic and I tagged it to read but have had such a busy summer that I haven't read it yet - but I was so shocked to see you write in a non-SPN/CW RPS fandom that I think I have to check it out!

I have the opposite problem with writing that you do - I have my few OTPs that will never die (Merry/Pippin, Josh/Sam, Dean/Cas, Mal/Jayne) but I get so many ideas for so many pairings and my brain wants to write them all! Case in point...I have just started writing Leverage fic like crazy and when I think about it, I have nine different pairings that I can both see on the show and could write in fic (and have several ideas for in my head already). Five people and I can find nine different ways to ship them that would totally work for me. Even though, honestly Eliot/Hardison/Parker is my clear OTP in that fandom, it doesn't stop me from seeing various ships everywhere. Is that because I am a perv who thinks everyone should be having sex with everyone? I think so. ;)