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Birthdays And Such!!!

Happy Birthday to bugeyedmonster!!! I know you like pitbull pups, so I made you this card! I found the picture on the internet and it was too cute not to use. <3

Birthday Puppy-dodger_sister

In other news, it is also Ben Affleck's 40th birthday!

I don't care what you all think - I love his adorkable goober self!
Ben - goober face
I do, I do.

I am almost tempted to watch Kimmel tonight, just to see if he mentions how it is his boyfriend's birthday. No, I don't care that it was like eight years ago that Jimmy Kimmel made that Fucking Ben Affleck video - it is still the funniest thing for-ev-er. But 40. Damn. I know, I know, I'm 34 now, I should just get over it. I just have a hard time with how the people I watched as a teenager are now in their 40s and shit. David Duchovny turned 52 the other day. 52!! That shit is Not Allowed.

Er, anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, bugeyedmonster - hope it was a really great one, darling!
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